Have you ever experienced being at a certain place, like your workplace, for instance, and suddenly you feel the urge to do a lot of things which can only be done in other places away from your present position? That’s what I’m feeling right now. I wanna do (and that’s with a very excited and positive attitude!) the following things right at this moment:

1. Go to the bank and deposit some money to my savings account. The last time I did this was May 2011, exactly five months ago. I know I’ve been very generous lately that it seems I have forgotten to care about my savings.

2. Change my foreign currencies (from my recent trip abroad) to local ones. I tried to do this last Sunday but I was not able to because I was hoping the forex rates would still rise in my favor in the coming days. Not so possible, I know.

3. Eat laksa, nasi lemak, fried rice, pad thai and roti prata. I miss all these food (which I ate during my first international travel) already! I know there are local restaurants serving them and I must get my fix real soon. But then again, I just gained 3 unwanted pounds from last long weekend’s “eating galore.” What’s a girl to do?

4. Buy materials for my necklace project. I know I’ve blogged about this before. One of my dreams is to put up a necklace business and I want to test my creativity by experimenting on designs as early as now.

5. I want to start planning for my wedding. With the fiancee’s cooperation, of course. Sometimes I get this weird feeling that I’m always running out of time on many things.

6. Use my Ipanema GC. I want to go to Glorietta and get myself some decent flipflops or sandals using the GC I got from an event I attended recently.

7. Use my other GCs. As much as I love receiving GCs, the fact that I can never use them whenever I like is frustrating. I also hate it that I don’t usually have the luxury of time to enjoy all these little blessings.

8. Book another trip abroad. Traveling has always been an exciting event for me. I believe there’s so much to see, discover and experience out there. If only I could afford as much travels as I like in a year. And if only I could have the luxury of time in a year to spend on traveling. *big sigh*

9. Shop with mom. Shopping with my dearest mother is always fun. I miss hitting the mall with mom to shop and shop and shop.

10. Bond with my friends. Lately, I only get to spend time with my family and loved ones. I miss going out with friends, especially my college and high school friends.

I can add more things to the list above but I’m getting tired already. Haha. Besides, I still have a lot of work-related matters to attend to. Ssssshhh.

How’s your day so far? 🙂

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