A Source of Inspiration, Why Not?

Instead of succumbing to depression and grieving, the hubby and I have chosen to move on with our lives after the tragic loss of our first baby. I know it seems like it’s too early to say this, or that it’s not too easy to believe, but we have made a choice and are sticking to it.

Our angel in heaven is gonna be our source of inspiration so we could be stronger and better versions of ourselves. As early as now, I have already set our first goal. That is, to manage our weight. Funny, but true.

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Have you ever experienced being at a certain place, like your workplace, for instance, and suddenly you feel the urge to do a lot of things which can only be done in other places away from your present position? That’s what I’m feeling right now. I wanna do (and that’s with a very excited and positive attitude!) the following things right at this moment:

1. Go to the bank and deposit some money to my savings account. The last time I did this was May 2011, exactly five months ago. I know I’ve been very generous lately that it seems I have forgotten to care about my savings.

2. Change my foreign currencies (from my recent trip abroad) to local ones. I tried to do this last Sunday but I was not able to because I was hoping the forex rates would still rise in my favor in the coming days. Not so possible, I know.

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