Thank God It’s L!

It’s Friday once again and I so look forward to the coming weekend. So, what’s with the title? I must say it’s a big surprise. L stands for something that has arrived recently and will be in my possession come Sunday. I’m very excited about it!

My week has been good and balance, so far. I’m thankful I got to accomplish quite a lot, both in my day job and in my part-time job. I also got to witness some positive developments in my friends’ lives and I can only be happy for them. Like when I learned about a friend who is expecting her first baby, a friend who’s recently bought a brand new car and another friend who’s leaving abroad to seek for a greener pasture. Blessings in any form are always appreciated and welcomed with a grateful heart.

Back to L, I had the surprise of my life yesterday when I got to do business with a complete stranger. We just exchanged a few emails and the deal has been closed. It was a very professional transaction, swift and sure. I gained back the money I spent for L only after a few mouse clicks. It couldn’t be any better than that. It was unexpected, too. I couldn’t be happier about it. I love my side line!

Have a happy weekend, people! 🙂

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