Weekend Story: New Car + Other Stuff

With the arrival of our new car last Friday, we are back to paying monthly car amortizations starting April. I had mixed feelings about this as I initially wanted to use our old car as long as possible. But after understanding where the hubby was coming from, I gave in to his plea and went on to co-sign the car loan with him. Wives should listen to their husbands, sometimes, hahaha.

We sold our old car (thank you and goodbye, Nissen!) to buy a new one (hello and welcome, British!). It was another adult decision that we’ve both agreed to make. So help us God. Now we have a better car that could get us from point A to point B more comfortably and with greater efficiency. For one, it has automatic transmission. The car is now easier to drive for us. Also, it’s diesel, not gas, which implies cheaper fuel prices. Actually, based on the hubby’s thorough research, he found out the Hyundai Accent 2017 has more pro’s than con’s. It’s really just a matter of how the driver uses it, good practices, proper maintenance, and all.

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More Road Trips to Come

It looks like we’ll be having more road trips than actual travels this year. Two weeks ago, my Superfriend bought her first car. It’s a brand new Suzuki Celerio, a sturdy but girly car methinks. My fiance and I were with her from the moment she checked out the car and decided to buy it to the point where she took her new car home.

superf new car

Last Saturday, we took SC (her car’s name) on a road trip to Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Since my Superfriend was still learning to drive, it was the fiance who drove it for her. While on the road, he couldn’t help but teach her some driving lessons. He also reminded her to always drive carefully and defensively since she would be passing through the busy expressway to and from work. Unless she wants to meet an accident and rely to some roadside assistance club for help.

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Thank God It’s L!

It’s Friday once again and I so look forward to the coming weekend. So, what’s with the title? I must say it’s a big surprise. L stands for something that has arrived recently and will be in my possession come Sunday. I’m very excited about it!

My week has been good and balance, so far. I’m thankful I got to accomplish quite a lot, both in my day job and in my part-time job. I also got to witness some positive developments in my friends’ lives and I can only be happy for them. Like when I learned about a friend who is expecting her first baby, a friend who’s recently bought a brand new car and another friend who’s leaving abroad to seek for a greener pasture. Blessings in any form are always appreciated and welcomed with a grateful heart.
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