My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience at La Estetica (Second Session)

One month after my first IPL laser underarm hair removal at White Beauty Face and Body Center, I went to La Estetica for my second session on this treatment. I called up their clinic prior to my visit but I was informed that I could just come as a walk-in client. I still have three sessions left with them and I can’t wait to complete the five-session treatment I set for myself.


For my second session, I visited La Estetica’s Tomas Morato branch. After communicating with the receptionist as to the purpose of my visit, I filled up a patient form and was eventually ushered to the treatment room. I was amazed by how fast their service was there.


When we got to the room, I was asked by the staff (sorry I forgot her name but I took a picture of her) to lie down on the patient bed and I did as I was told. She handed me a pair of black shades to cover my eyes. This was different from my experience with White Beauty where they asked me to wear a pair of black goggles for eye protection.


The underarm hair removal using the IPL laser lasted in less than two minutes. I dunno, but the staff didn’t bother to shave off my underarm hair. She said it was okay as is. She also didn’t put some cooling gel on the target area as what I have experienced during my first session.


When it comes to the level of pain, I must say it was virtually pain-free that time. I didn’t feel anything, whatsoever. When I inquired to the staff about it, I found out they have a more advanced laser machine. She said that was also the reason why she didn’t have to put some gel on my skin prior to the treatment. There was no need for it because the laser machine does not inflict any pain on the skin. How nice.

I thanked her for the good service and promised to return after three weeks (as what she had advised me).

As for the development in my underarm area, I noticed that a few days after my first IPL session, the hair on some parts of my underarm has cleared up. As in there was no hair growing back. Let’s see if this trend continues now that I am done with the second session.

La Estetica
UT06 Il Terrazo Bldg.
Tomas Morato cor. Scout Madrina
Quezon City

(+632) 332-8604

16 Replies to “My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience at La Estetica (Second Session)”

  1. Hi! This is very helpful, but how many sessions is needed for hair to be clearly removed? Do you actually need 5 sessions? Or can one session be enough it is just one area–say the underarm? Thanks!!

    1. It depends on the amount of underarm hair and how your skin would react to the laser. At least that’s what the staff told me. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the quick reply! May Metrodeal kasi na P200 for this clinic so I am wondering how many coupons I should buy…:)

        1. me I bought five vouchers first. Pag kulang pa, I plan to buy more. At siyempre from a groupon site para afford ko. 🙂

  2. Hello,
    Is it ok to use the voucher bought from metro deal for the legs?
    are they close on sundays?

    Thanks a lot for the review….
    It’s a great help for us
    I am excited to visit LA estetica…

  3. hi. how was your underarm after completing the sessions? how many sessions did you have before finally getting a good result? will you recommend it?

    1. My underarm IPL sessions at La Estetica weren’t successful. I am definitely not recommending it to anyone, sorry. I’m trying out a new clinic these days and I’m quite optimistic about my treatments there. The name is Power Peel Clinic. 🙂

      1. Hi . kakatapos lang ng session ko kahapon and nagulat nga ako kasi less than two minutes lang natapos na agad? kaya nga nagulat ako kung magpa treatment ako ng wala akong voucher nasa 2-3k sya tapos ganun lang kadali?parang lugi naman… hindi kya ganun lang ang treatment nila kasi voucher ang gamit ko?hmmm… at dahil sa cnb mo, dna ko babalik ulit dun. thanks a lot.

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