Common Mobile Phone Problems

I’m not really a phone person. In my 26 years of existence on earth, I think I have only replaced my mobile phone four times. The first time I owned a phone was during my college years. It was a Nokia 3310. I have been loyal to Nokia since then. If I remember it right, I also became quite friendly with Sony Ericsson. But in my book, Nokia remains the best and the most functional.

My current phone, a Nokia E63, is aging already. Three years is old, isn’t it? It would suddenly hang and shut off for no apparent reason. The battery life is getting shorter and shorter as days go by. The phone has become slow, too. Common sense tells me that it’s served its purpose and is ready to rest anytime. And for good. I know a replacement has to be determined as early as now. How about an iPhone? A blackberry? An htc bell? A samsung galaxy tab? The fiancee is even brainwashing me to go for an iPhone 5! Haha. It’s too expensive for me, though, so that will never be an option.

Any plans to buy a new mobile phone soon?

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