My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience at La Estetica (Third Session)

I just had my third IPL session this afternoon. The treatment went so fast I felt like I stayed at La Estetica-Tomas Morato for less than 10 minutes only. This time, they shaved my underarm hair first and put some gel on both underarms before doing the laser thingy. It was also the first time I tried counting the number of times they would apply the laser to my underarms. Can you believe each underarm only had four IPL hits? That’s why it was that fast!

To be honest, I haven’t seen any decrease in my underarm hair a month after my second IPL session. It’s like nothing has changed at all. I still have two IPL sessions left with La Estetica so I don’t wanna lose hope this early. Perhaps, I’m just expecting more because of the favorable results of my first IPL session with a different beauty clinic where right after a few days, I noticed some parts of my underarms became hair-free already.

Oh well, patience Edel…patience.

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  1. Hi, your blogs has been helpful. I’m planning to avail the treatment one of these weeks at skin solutions, west ave branch. Anyone been there? how was it?
    I have a question though, is it advisable to have IPL treatment and underarm bleaching at the same time? what are your advice?(:
    Thanks! Looking forward to a whiter and smooth underarms! hehe!

    1. I think you should schedule underarm bleaching at a later time, like a few days after the IPL treatment to let your skin breathe. Pero ask mo na rin yung staff na mag-IPL syo ano ang advice nya, just to be sure. 🙂

  2. hi po! may nilalagay pa po bang cream after magpalaser? may binayad ka pa sa kanila or binili aside sa voucher mo after the session? i mean is there any hidden charges..?

  3. 4 clicks?! Thats way too little! You should atleast have 2-3 passes on each underarm. Go to a real board certified derma. You really wont see a difference if it’s that less!

  4. hello there! same here.. i just had my 2nd IPL session at la estetica yesterday.. and parang tinipid nila ako.. parang sakin 3 clicks lang geez upper and lower legs kc ako yung 1 session parang mas madaming clicks..

    1. Ah talaga. Tsk, tsk. May two sessions pa ako sa kanila. Sana lang talaga may makita akong results, so far kasi wala pa. I’m getting impatient. 🙁

  5. Hi, parehas tau ng nangyari with my 2nd ipl treatment walang nagfall off n hair though noticeable n wala ng hair growth s ilang parts.. just had my 3rd session last august 25 and i still got 2 more treatments left,so, fingers crossed!

    1. i’m getting impatient na sa results…at talaga bang 4 clicks lang lage ang ibibigay sa atin? oh well…my fourth session will be this saturday.

  6. your reviews are helpful! 😀 i just had my second session at dermaesthetique. during my first session, 4 clicks lang rin each…pero kanina, i was given about 6 clicks…

    anyways, please keep us posted on your experiences! 😀

    1. thanks! wow, galing naman 6 clicks. bakit kaya di sila consistent? well, at least ngayon alam ko na na talagang 4 clicks lang din sa iba. don’t you think it’s expensive pa rin for the price? i was expecting they’d give us like 10 clicks for each underarm. hay, my fourth session will be this saturday. sure,will keep you all posted. 🙂

    2. hi ria,
      i would like to ask if the result on your ipl at dermaesthetique was successful. .coz im planning to have my ipl there. .thanks

  7. ako hindi ko pa inaavail ung treatment na yun pero meron din akong biniling ganyan pero sa power peel.. any news kung ano na nangyare sa treatment ninyo? thanks! 🙂

  8. thanks for sharing your experiences with IPL hair removal. I had my 1st session with Asian Derma Clinic here in iloilo city. as with my experience, they shaved my armpits 1st before applying some cold cream prior to the laser treatment. their package costs P8000 for 8 sessions and as with the clicks, i heard 8 clicks per armpit. well i have to see yet with my succeeding sessions. hopefully it will yield good results 🙂

  9. Thanks for the sharing your experiences. I’ve been meaning to try the groupon deals for IPL treatments din on other body parts because of the cheaper price and reading your exchanges have given me great insight on whether to try the deals or stick with my current clinic. I would just like to point out that it takes at least 8 sessions to to truly get rid of unwanted hair.

    I’ve had IPL treatments in the upper lip from a different clinic and it is done by board certified dermatologists. Admittedly, they are more expensive but after reading your exchanges I’ve realized that I would just stick to my current clinic. The good thing about having a certified doctor to do this is that she can assess you skin condition better. She can adjust the level of laser depending on your skin sensitivity. I would like to add that it would be better to have all your IPL sessions done in one clinic coz they keep a record of your sessions and how your skin reacted (I’m assuming all skin clinics do this).

    1. Yes, you’re so right. You really get what you pay for. I still have two unused vouchers and I’m hopeful that results will be better soon. Thanks for sharing your insights on this topic. 🙂

  10. hi! i would just like to share…i just had my third session. i got 7-8 clicks per side! 🙂 so i guess sulit na rin yung akin kasi hindi tinitipid sa clicks…

    1. Wow, buti ka pa naka 7-8 clicks. Hehe. Yung natitira kong 2 vouchers di ko pa nagagamit ulit. I was super busy the past few days. 🙁

  11. Hi.. I also availed IPL sessions in Dermaesthetique… I had 4 sessions already, but I cant see the results yet. I only get 5-8 clicks every session. 🙁
    anyway, i still have 2 sessions left…hope that there will be changes..

    i think i wanna go to the real doctor…

    1. That’s a lot more compared to my past sessions. Yes, I think we need at least 8 to 10 before seeing results. Sometimes more if we’re too hairy. 🙂

  12. hello! I also purchased yung deal for ipl but sa different na clinic. I’m surprised na they only give you 4 clicks per underarm. I count everytime i have my treatment and it’s at least 12 clicks per side. I count because i read kasi somewhere (i dont remember where though, sorry) na for underarms, it should be around ganun karami. Last session ko pa nga if i remember correctly, 21 clicks sa right then 18 sa left. i just know it’s yung pinaka marami sa lahat ng sessions ko so far. basta, it’s far from 4! im not sure if giving someone a few or a lot of shots is a good thing and what works well taaga, im not a professional, but if yung onting shots worry you, maybe you should ask them about it? 🙂

    1. i’m actually replying to my own post. i didnt want to mislead anyone lang. i was thinking about it kasi. baka it was just 18max, not 21. but im sure more than 15 kasi i remember thinking “wow, more than 15!” and then there were a few clicks more. haha. so sorry. 🙂 point ko lang is it was far more than four! 🙂

      1. hi! saang clinic yan? dyan na lang ako bibili, parang that’s worth my money kesa dun sa dati. please reply. thank you! 🙂

  13. hello people of the philippines. i need your help saan ok na clinic magpagawa ng ipl hair removal sa underarm? yung guarantee na mawawala talaga?please help. san worth it na clinic and sure na meron good result?thank you so much

  14. Hi! I also bought coupons for power peel at! I bought 26 coupons for my UA, upper lip and legs! I was hoping you could share your experience in power peel and if it’s effective! I dont want to think that i wasted my money tapos wala palang effect in the end. Thank you!

  15. Hi, just want to share last night i just had my first UA and Lower Leg IPL at Power Peel Clinic.
    Actually i had 26 clicks at my right UA and 25 left UA, for the lower leg they will require you to use 2 vouchers if whole lower legs(front and back). Actually they say that the shots/clicks will depends on the size of your selected body parts.
    Since its my first session im looking forward what will be the effect.

    1. I’m glad to hear that! I’ve also bought 4 Power Peel vouchers recently because I was not satisfied with the IPL treatments I had at La Estetica. Imagine, I only got 4 clicks for a voucher! 🙁

  16. Hi. I just want to share my experience going through my own IPL sessions from 3 different clinics, hoping it might help anyone. I bought my 1st 6 sessions at La Estetica as well and was very disappointed after 3 sessions there. I count the hair from each side everytime before I go. After 3 sessions, I think I only lost about 5 on each side and yes, they also only gave me 3-4 clicks. I didn’t finish my treatments there anymore, seeing it had been a waste of time and money. Then I bought 3 sessions from Body Accents. My first session there almost consumed all the hair I had, leaving something like 10 strands on each side. To top it off, it was the derma/owner who did the zapping. On my 2nd and 3rd sessions at Body Accents, I almost had no more coarse hair growing back, but I had a few very fine strands left. That’s when I bought 2 sessions from Power Peel. I got 18 zaps on each side everytime. Now, after the 2 sessions have been done, I don’t have any hair growing back anymore (coarse or fine). It’s been 2 months since I last went there. =) I hope this helps you guys in choosing the clinics to go to. More power to your blog by the way. It’s very helpful, really.

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing your experience! Now we know which are the better clinics out there when it comes to IPL treatments. 🙂

  17. hi,i did buy 4 vouchers on metrodeal for Zap that Unwanted Hair with IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatments on any Body Area at D`Spa and Skin Center for P299 instead of P3500..(i’ve been dying to try this really)…anyone had an experience at the said skin center?thanks, and by the way, all ur blogs were very helpful…like a lot:))

    1. Thank you, Claire! Let’s hope some girl out there will share her IPL treatment experience in that clinic soon. 🙂

  18. Hi, Im done with 3 IPL sessions from Skin Solutions West ave. Im supposed to have 2 sessions of IPL lang dapat and whitening na yun next. The first two sessions went well, nakita ko na kagad result sa 2nd session ko pa lang. Wala pang 10 min. yun procedure tapos na per session. And, masakit sya. Pero tolerable naman yun pain. Yun feeling pag ngppluck ka, thrice nun un sakit for me. Less UA hair na tlga. Kaso nung pang 3rd session nagkaroon lang ng misunderstanding kasi im about to have my UA whitening pero IPL pa rin yun ginawang procedure. Nakakainis lang kasi I was not informed properly. Sabi lang sakin nung staff “sorry ma’am, nakalimutan po namin na for whitening na kau.” Ndi nagccheck ng records staff nila. (wala na kasi akong copy ng voucher ko kaya ngyari un.) Haist! Nanghihinayang lang ako kasi dapat 3 session ng UA whitening yun pero, naconvert nalang sa IPL. Lesson learned. Looking forward naman ako to avail the whitening session. ( this time, sa ibang clinic na) BTW, after ng 3rd session ko ng IPL, hairless un UA ko for almost a month after the last session.

  19. i recently had my first session at d’ spa and skin center,they gave me like 6-8 pulse per UA…i asked the attendant why other clinic only give 4 pulse,she then answered “ito kasing machine nmin malaki (referring on the pad of the handle-like),nacocover nya ung parts ng UA in one pulse kya 6-8 lng maximum”…it was like less than 10 minutes and im all done.i patiently waited till the 5th day,and true enough,thre were hairfall and just like others,i can easily pull out hair on my’s only my first session, and i can see good result,so im excited to go back for my second session.

  20. tapos ng 1st session sa margaeux inalok ako ng guava soup sk hydraulic cream di daw pwede n di ako gumamit nun kc magreredness daw ang underarm ko.kailangan ko daw tlg so nagbayad ako ng additional P410 for the product. ngbukol yung isang pores ko effect nung IPL yung balahibo ko sa kilikili d ntanggal s ipl kaya shinave ko kinabukasan pa. mga less than 2 minutes din ang bilis parang western union lng.
    balik ko sa Feb16 pr s 2nd session a total of 10 sessions daw yung pang 8 sessions daw dun konti ng lng daw at parang balahibo n lng daw ang tutubo.

    1. Really? Good luck on that. I’m seeing good results with my IPL treatments at Power Peel Clinic. Will update my IPL posts to share my experience with all of you. 🙂

  21. Hi girls,

    Do you sell extra vouchers for power peel IPL or at d’spa and skin center? Sold out na kasi sa metrodeal. 🙁

    Claire, how was your session at d’spa and skin center? Was the treatment effective?

    Thanks girls! 🙂

    This blog and the comments are very helpful!

  22. Bought vouchers from Ensogo for Mendez. I had my first treatment last May 1 and it was a real doctor whom did the procedure. I had about 15 clicks on the right and about 14 on the left. They suggested that I have the current hair growth removed by threading after the treatment. So far, no visible effect. My next schedule is on June 5, I was hoping I’d have the next one in 3 weeks after the first. I’ll just have to be more patient.

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