IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment for My Armpit Hair

My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience (First session)
My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience (Second Session)
My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience (Third Session)
My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience (Fourth Session)

I have hair in my armpits that requires regular shaving. It doesn’t worry me much except when I’m out wearing sleeveless tops. Over the years, I have observed that continued shaving can make the hair in the armpit grow thicker and longer. Shaving can be tiring, too, as armpit hair grows faster than those in the arms or the legs. I gave up on plucking a long time ago because my armpits had ‘chicken skin’ from it.

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Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Laser hair removal is arguably the better way to manage armpit hair growth than plucking, shaving and waxing combined. Compared to the first-known laser hair removal, IPL “uses specific wavelengths of light that deliver greater energies while causing lesser damage to the skin.” In fact, IPL even guarantees permanent hair removal. When I learned about this, I started checking out the prices of IPL laser hair removal treatments in many salons in the metro. I was shocked to find out that one session alone could cost me P3,500 to P6,000. Ouch. I can never afford that. I don’t want to afford that.

Good thing Groupon sites now offer the same treatment at a fraction of the cost. Last January, I chanced upon an offer from my fave Groupon site Ensogo for an IPL laser hair removal at White Beauty Face and Body Center for just P600 per voucher per session. I got one for trial purposes but never got around to using it. Expiration is June 2011, anyway, and so I still have ample time to schedule my treatment.

This morning upon checking my inbox, I saw this email alert from Metrodeal (another good Groupon site) offering P300 per voucher per session for an IPL hair removal treatment at La Estetica. It was being sold at 91% off. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was the promo I had long been waiting for. I immediately purchased four vouchers and planned to use them ASAP. But first I had to use the one I got from Ensogo. Given that, I will get to have a total of five sessions of the same treatment from two different beauty centers. I hope it will be enough to get rid of my armpit hair permanently. Yes, as in no more hair growth. If this won’t be the case, I’d see what I can do after the last session.

this deal is on for a limited time only

I look forward to my first IPL hair removal session. I read up online a session lasts for only 10 minutes max. Just to make things more exciting for me, I’ll be documenting my experience in this blog.

Have you tried IPL laser hair removal yet? If yes, how did it go for you?

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    1. Haha, I use that pink disposable razor a lot, too! I’m just really looking for a more permanent solution so I’m gonna try IPL hair removal. 🙂

  1. Do you have the contact number for White Beauty center? I tried calling the Shaw number given in the Ensogo site but it’s out of service.

    1. I think we have the same contact number. If it’s out of service, how can we possibly get a schedule for our treatment? Calling Ensogo and White Beauty Center…

  2. i purchased two vouchers from ensogo website too last march 2011. the expiration date is on september 2011. wanna know your first experience on the laser hair removal-armpit area. when is your schedule?

  3. Hi! I also had the same experience with you. I had my first IPL treatment with Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Centre using the voucher I purchased thru Ensogo. I am very pleased with the results! It has been a month since I had that treatment but til now I barely see any underarm hair, considering it was my first time to avail of that service! Gosh, I didn’t see that promo with MetroDeal! I’m too eager to look for more deals about IPL and this time, I’ll make sure to purchase 5 more vouchers! After that, I’ll target underarm whitening services… 🙂

    1. Cool! I’m too busy right now with work and so I haven’t arranged a schedule yet with the clinic. Hopefully, soon. I think I’ll need those underarm whitening services, too. Haha.

  4. Hi! Can i purchase one of your voucher, please?
    I wanna try this IPL treatment.. And im pissed i didn’t catch the promo!
    Hope to hear from you.

    1. sorry i can’t. will use them all because i believe that for permanent hair removal, i’d need at least five sessions. i suggest you try to sign up with all these groupon sites so when they launch a laser treatment promo again, you’ll know and be able to grab some. 🙂

  5. got their servce last wednesday. lasted less than 15mins. first they will shave your underarm (you can shave before the treatment by the way but no plucking or waxing, that i didnt know of hehe) then apply a clear cream/gel. Was given 4 pulse per underarm btw. is that sufficient? i read that ipl pulse cover greater area. but is 4 enough? just thinking.

  6. White Beauty West Ave. Branch, Q.C. new numbers: 377-5556/ 09228488463. Can ask them their Shaw number.
    Which machine are they using on you at white beauty? the big A&M Technology or the smaller Synergy e? which one do you like? they say the latter is a newer machine but i like the results with the older machine and its the one that kinda looks newer:)

    1. I think they used the old one to me, the one that had slight pain. I’m okay with the results since some parts of my underarms are now hair-free.

  7. Hello,
    Just wanna ask if u know if how many hours or minutes it will take for an IPL hair removal for legs?
    is it painful?
    I would like to try it at LA estetica…
    Hope to hear from u

    1. I had my second session at La Estetica and the treatment only took not more than 2 minutes. I wonder if the length of treatment is longer if I paid the original price, though…

  8. Hi 🙂 What’s the news? Did the 5 sessions really remove the hair permanently? I’m planning to buy too at CashCashPinoy at 350P. Thanks!

    1. I have only had the treatment twice. So far, some parts of my underarms are now hairless. I look forward to seeing more good results in my upcoming sessions.

    1. No, it’s actually virtually pain-free. And no, it does not whiten underarms. If you want whiter underarms, you should get a whitening treatment or something. 🙂

  9. Someone told me that IPL with whitening treatment is being sold at Dermstrata. does IPL with whitening really possible?
    i am still hesitant of purchasing their vouchers at Php 300.00 so please help.. any info?

  10. hi, i tried purchasing IPL vouchers from different stores… i had my first 4 IPL treatment at S Bar and i really had a great experience with the doctor and the attendants. the doctor even told me that normal IPL is 22 shots each armpit. i believe that that is the only clinic which is facilitated by a doctor. i bought vouchers from Skin Central in St. Francis Square and its really frustrating cause they use bulb and say that its only for 3 shots.. and its frustrating… i went to Biocare in Annapolis and they said its 80% off and when they did the treatment they only gave me 3 shots each… it seems that the clinics for online buying says its off but they also cut-off the shots that they should be giving… i am not sure if you are all aware of it but it seems its so frustrating and seems they are joking… hope next time you go to clinic verify how may shots they give you and compare cause we don’t really get our money’s worth and we don’t get any discounts at all because there service is also cut off… hope you see that… and hope you observe it so far S Bar gives us the discount with the real treatment unline |Skin Central and BioCare.

  11. I had a session yesterday my first IPL for only P250 at Margaeux from Metrodeal they said original price is P5000.. i will be back on Feb16. it took 2 minutes only i thought hair removal treatment is for all parts but when i went there you have to choose one part only .. after that they force to buy me the cream and the guava soap for P410 since if i didn’t used this they said my skin will get irritated and redish. good things i have extra money to buy .. and they said it will took for 8 to 10 sessions first 3 sessions is every two weeks and the rest is every month.. Anyway, my comment is okay you save for their services but they will gain extra money from selling you their products and you have no choice but to buy it so you will not get the side effect after the treatment…

    1. Wow, I guess other clinics are like that. That’s why we have to be careful about which clinic we go to. Good luck on your IPL treatments! 🙂

  12. Hi, I just want to ask if your IPL treatments were effective? Will the hair actually stop from growing or after sometime it will grow back again? I just finished my 2nd session awhile ago from Skin Metro (bought it from Ensogo) and I’m hoping that the treatment will be effective (so it won’t waste my money). I had an average of 10 clicks per underarm so I think it’s worth it. I’m just curious if IPL treatments could permanently remove the hair. I searched in some threads and most of the people are saying IPL treatments are not effective at all. Is it true? Thanks! 🙂

    1. To be honest, I think I am starting to believe that IPL only slows down the growth of underarm hair and does not really stop its growth. I still have two vouchers left and I’ll give my final verdict when I’ve used them up. 🙂

  13. hello. i bought a voucher from ensogo. an ipl hair removal at mendez medical group. im scared coz i think i just wasted my money 🙁 any update on your treatment? here’s my number 09351136633

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