My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience at La Estetica (Fourth Session)

After a two-week delay, I finally got my fourth IPL laser underarm hair removal treatment from La Estetica-Tomas Morato branch. As I still had two vouchers left and both are expiring this month, I thought of giving the other voucher to my sister J. We went to the clinic yesterday afternoon and we were finished in no time.

So far, I have observed that my underarms now have less and finer hair. My underarm hair used to be on the thick side, you know. They may be far from being hairless, but I can say I’m quite satisfied with the changes. I plan to buy new IPL vouchers but will choose a different clinic because I want to get more laser clicks. While my first IPL session from a different beauty clinic gave me several clicks per underarms, La Estetica during my second, third and fourth session only gave me four clicks each. As with most of you, I also want to get full value for my money.

Anyone there who knows which groupon sites currently offer IPL vouchers at P300 and below?

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  1. Hi!

    Your IPL posts are very helpful.
    I bought La Estetica IPL vouchers from Metrodeal and am planning to use these before end of October. I hope I get good results. I bought only 4 vouchers >> trial pack. 🙂

    Hope you let us know where you’ll get your next vouchers.


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