My IPL Laser Underarm Hair Removal Experience (First Session)

Remember my plan to get rid of my underarm hair permanently? I have finally found the time to take the first step to that. As promised, I’m blogging about my experience in this blog. My first laser underarm hair removal treatment happened last night at White Beauty Face and Body Center (West Avenue branch). For this procedure, I used my Ensogo voucher which I got for P600.


First, I booked an appointment with White Beauty. Weekends were fully booked already so I had no choice but to have my treatment on a weekday. I asked for a 7:00 p.m. schedule so I could have enough travel time going there. Traffic was surprisingly light when we hit the road at 5:45. We got to the place just a little over 30 minutes. We got attended to as soon as we entered the door. By the way, I was accompanied by the fiancΓ© and his sister. They gave me moral support all throughout the procedure. Haha.

White Beauty Face and Body Center may look small from the outside but after you have been ushered to your room and passed through the narrow hallway, you’ll start to notice how big the place is. We arrived tad early for my appointment and since it wasn’t my turn yet, I busied myself browsing some magazines. Eventually, my name got called and I was ushered by a girl attendant to the second floor where most of the rooms were.


When we got inside the tiny room, I immediately scanned it. I saw a bed and next to it was the laser machine sitting in one corner. The attendant, who introduced herself as Cherie, explained to me how the procedure would go. She was very nice and spoke to me in a knowledgeable manner. She asked me some medical-related questions, like if I was pregnant, had allergies, a keloid former, etc. She also told me that the procedure is not totally pain-free, that I might feel a stinging sensation but it would definitely be tolerable. I got a bit nervous upon hearing that, but I’m not the type who easily gets scared. I know my pain threshold is quite high so this would be manageable.

I purposely didn’t use deodorant that day and the last time I shaved my underarm hair was less than a week ago. I read online that prior to the treatment, one should do the exact same thing. Cherry agreed on that. She was actually the one who shaved my underarm hair before doing the laser thingy. But not before applying some cold gel onto my underarm skin.


To protect my eyes from the laser light emission, I wore a pair of what looked like black goggles. After a short count of 1,2,3, the procedure had begun. The girl was right, this underarm hair removal treatment using Intense Pulse Light or IPL wasn’t 100% pain-free. I felt slight pain as the laser-powered plate touched each section of my two underarms. Each laser contact felt like I was electrocuted for a second. I got used to it soon enough. Before I knew it, the procedure was finished. I think the laser treatment took only a little over five minutes. The shaving part even took longer than the laser treatment did. Yes, it was that fast!


The very accommodating Cherie advised me to do two things: 1) to keep my underarms dry until the next morning and 2) to apply a special hydrocortisone cream (which I bought from them for P350) onto the underarm skin every morning for two to five consecutive days. She said I should expect red spots to appear on my underarms and experience some itchiness in that part of my body. I took note of what she said and gave her a decent tip for the good service she extended to me. I left the place with a big smile of satisfaction on my face.

The ideal interval for laser hair removal treatments is from two weeks to a month. I can’t wait for my second session. Much as I’d like to go back to White Beauty Face and Body Center, I cannot. I bought the rest of my vouchers from a different groupon site and I am supposed to be serviced by a different beauty clinic. I think that’s another experience to look forward to, so stay tuned.

Have you had a laser underarm hair removal treatment recently? How was your experience? Care to exchange thoughts with me?

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  1. I did try the Metrodeal IPL at La Estetica. And I think it was a completely different procedure. I did shave my armpit before going to the clinic. So they didn’t shave it na. They didn’t put any gel or cream on my armpit before the IPL procedure. And after the procedure, they told me not to wash my armpit or use deo for the next 24 hours. They asked me to come back and use my 2nd voucher after a month.
    I wonder what’s the difference kaya in their machines…

    1. According to the girl who administered my treatment, putting of gel is optional. They prefer to put gel because it cools the underarm and lessens the slight pain from the laser. But as I’ve said in my post, the pain was barely there and I guess the gel had something to do with it. Hey, the four vouchers left on me are with La Estetica! I phoned their Tomas Morato branch already and I was told I could just go walk-in, no need to book an appointment. I might go there this Saturday. πŸ™‚

  2. I tried naman ung Metrodeal IPL at Body Accents, i’m quite confused with the after treatments do’s and don’ts.. Iba iba po kasi.. With BA, they told me to shave lang and not to wax,pluck or tweeze.. My ofismates, they tried IPL at Dermaeasthetique and ang bilin naman is to wax and do not shave.. Any comment po with regards to after IPL treatments?

    1. Ako I just shaved this morning, that’s approx. three weeks after my IPL treatment. Di naman ako binawalan. I dunno with them but I don’t think bawal ang shave kasi in the first place, shaving is done just before the laser device is applied during treatment proper, diba? πŸ™‚

    2. i just want to ask if what branch ng dermaesthetique you went. how did you book for an appointment with them. i’m trying to reach them thru landline but its not working. i texted the number 09178695202 but no reply. hope to hear from you soon. thanks

    3. Hi, im planning to avail IPL at body accents, actually i already scheduled this 27. can you tell me some of your experience. is their service is good? how about the hair growth?

      Thanks. πŸ™‚

      1. Please try reading my post to know about my experience. It’s all there. As for the hair growth, I noticed that some parts of my underarm got hair-less already a few days after my first IPL session.

  3. Hehe thanks for sharing… Actually, I just got my 1st IPL session last June 30. Parang mejo hindi ako satisfied with the result, or hindi lang tlga xa noticeable..But I’m looking forward for my next session and hoping that by that time noticeable n ung reduction ng hair. πŸ™‚

  4. I had my firs IPL session last Aug 1 in La estetica
    And now i’m worried because hours after the treatment red marks appeared on my legs, they are of the shape of the gadget they use (rectangular red strips). And it’s been a week now at walang nagbago sa mga marks.

    May alam ba kayong way para maalis yung mga marks? Di ko alam what happened. I better go back to La estetica and they better have an explanation.

    1. gosh, what happened kaya? i hope it’s not something serious. yep, go back to them and ask for an explanation…

  5. Thank u so much for sharing your experience in our clinic, it’s my pleasure to serve you mam, actually I’ve tried the IPL hair removal on underarm area so that I know what i feels and I can share something to my clients..I used to shave the hair on my underarm, hair become more thicker and darker..becaue of my busy schedule sometimes I don’t have time to remove unwanted hair. Then I decided to avail IPL hair removal..after my first session,I noticed less hair growth. I observed it everyday and im on my 3rd session..hope your friends and followers will try it! Hope to see you again mam! Thank u! and God bless u mam πŸ™‚

  6. I had my ipl for my underarms at la esthetica using the metrodeal voucher. They recently changed their machine to the one that uses the gel. Anyway, you are suppose to shave only… Ipl laser kills the roots of the hair that’s why you are not suppose to pluck or wax. With regards to the burnt marks on the leg… I heard them say in la esthetica that the leg is the most sensitive when doing ipl thats why they lower the frequency when the assistants do it or the dermatologist does it himself. I think they had a case in which a client has burnt marks on the leg after the procedure.

    1. Yes, I’m getting my IPL from La Estetica now. The last time I went there, they used gel on me. But you know I’m yet to see any results…that’s why I’m a bit worried. baka sayang lang ang pera ko. I still have two La Estetica vouchers left, so until then, I’ll have to watch and see.

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