Warts Removal at Cavite Skin Clinic

After getting two recommendations from two different friends for this good skin clinic in Imus, Cavite, I finally decided to go there for my warts removal. I even tagged my mom along as she was actually the one who needed it the most.

The name of the clinic was Cavite Skin Clinic. It lies along Aguinaldo Highway near the PLDT Office and the toll bridge pointing to the road going to Imus Town Proper. It is quite easy to locate. If you’re from Manila and commuting, ride a bus plying the Imus-DasmariΓ±as routes. The clinic is on the left side and across it is a 7-Eleven Store.[UPDATE: clinic is now situated beside the 7-Eleven store]

We reached the clinic at past 10:00 a.m. We immediately got a number and joined the long queue of people waiting to be served. We met the dermatologist, Dr. Luciano Sarmiento, Jr., at past twelve noon. He was very accommodating and dealt with us in no time.

I got treated first and next to me was my mom. While I only got warts to remove, mom had warts and syringoma according to the doctor. Her treatment took longer than mine. And the pain was understandably worse than mine, too.

During the warts removal, the doctor’s assistant asked me to lie on the patient bed and relax. I remember she applied what felt like toner (or was it antiseptic?) on my face a few minutes before the doctor started cauterizing my warts. The pain was tolerable for me. It’s quite similar to the pain I felt during my recent IPL laser hair removal experience, except that this took longer and used electricity instead of laser beams. After the treatment, I felt a slight stinging sensation on our way home but it was manageable for me.


The doctor asked us to return after two weeks so he could check the outcome of the treatment. If there were warts left untreated, they’ll remove them daw at no extra cost. Cool.

The post-treatment stinging sensation was a different story for my mom. She said her face felt like it was on fire. I was not surprised, what with the amount of warts and syringoma removed from her face. But once we got inside the bus back to Manila, the air-con must have soothed her face somehow that she eventually stopped complaining.


The damage? Well, would you believe we only paid P1,300+ for the two of us including medicines? (The doctor did some assessment on our faces and gave the corresponding prices to us before the treatment.) This is so far the most affordable skin clinic I’ve been to. And very good at that. And I’m saying this for everyone to know. Why pay more if you could get the same (or even better) results at a low price?

I think I love Cavite Skin Clinic already.

Cavite Skin Clinic
Aguinaldo Highway
Imus, Cavite

Clinic Hours:
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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  1. I also went to this clinic. I suffered from moderate acne all through highschool and early college. I’ve wasted big bucks for treatment. The last thing I tried was this Beauche which was insanely painful and did no wonders for me. Fortunately, we visited this clinic. Had to wait almost 4 hours, was checked and was prescribed a regimen of facial lotions and cleansers which costs no more than 300, i think. I had a facial and I bought my sister the same regimen package and it only cost me less than 800. πŸ™‚ After a few days, my acne cleared up. Scars nalang problem ko. πŸ™‚

    1. Really? Wow. It means they’re good pala talaga. Thanks for sharing. My mom and I will be back there next week to have our warts checked. If meron pa, aalisin pa nila. And it’ll be for free. Ayos. πŸ™‚

    2. Wow galing ni doktora … Effective ang gamot niya samin is skars nalang din namamalat na siya sabi niya balik ako 2weeks so sa Monday ako babalik .. Sana nawala na tong scars ko sa mukha .. Wala na din akong pimple galing ni doktora πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t know the exact address but it’s along AGuinaldo Hi-way, near Puregold Imus and in front of a 7-eleven convenience store. Hope that helps.

  2. ang galing! I’m actually planning to go there on my rest day this Monday pero sarado ba yung clinic? You posted open sila Tue, Fri,and Sat?

        1. Hindi nagscar, pero I think need na namin bumalik ulit, madami na naman kami warts sa face. It’s a virus kasi, so it will grow back over time talaga…

  3. The clinic was closed yesterday. I wasn’t informed it doesn’t open on Thursdays. Today is a holiday, I assume it won’t operate today. Do you have their contact number?

  4. they have also a branch here in pampange where his wife is the doctor… she is also good in treating skin problems, currently im undergoing an acne treatment, well na aalis na yung mga acne,.300 plus din binayaran ko sa toner,soap,lotion and capsules. tapos pag nagpapachekc up ako sa kanya, free removal of blackheads. bali FREE consultation sya, bibilhin molang is yung mga kailangang gamitin or inumin. saturday 9am-5pm open ang clinic hours nya dito, super dami din ang pumipila

  5. I was in Puregold Imus and also saw the 7 Eleven store. At the 2nd floor of the store is a loaw office. I was looking for the clinic but was not successful. I even asked people around and a tricycle driver. Hindi rin nila alam. Cavite Skin Clinic po ba exact name? May karatula po ba. Ano po ba ang kulay ng building? Hope you can draw map please.


    1. Lagpas pa sya ng Puregold Imus. Diretso pa, may makikita kang 7-Eleven Store at katapat noon ang Cavite Skin Clinic. Yung road sa harap ng 7-Eleven Store na yun, may barrier sa gitna na naghihiwalay sa mga sasakyang pa Tagaytay at mga sasakyang pa Maynila. Yun ang 7-Eleven Store na tinutukoy ko. May malaking signage sa tapat noon ang Cavite Skin Clinic kaya madali lang sya makita. Paumanhin, hindi ako marunong magdrawing ng mapa. πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks. Malapit na po ba ito sa Lotus? Near Jollibee? Yung road papuntang munisipyo ng Imus and/or Imus Cathedral? Thanks po ulit

  7. this clinic is really good. i’ve been a ptient here for over 10 yrs already. they are really good. during my first meeting with dra. sarmiento, she asked me if i have a bible at home, bec they are giving bible to those who dont have it. and it’s free. 10 yrs. ago,i had my syringomas removed here, was charged i think 500 pesos plus the cost of the meds. was asked to come back after 2 wks to check if there’s a need for retouch, and it will be free of chrge.
    after almost 3 yrs i came back with the same problem. did the same procedure and ofcourse still free of charge. i only got to pay for the meds which are i believe the lowest priced products but still with guaranteed same effectiveness as those of pricely ones. i kept coming back after 10 yrs for the same procedure. was chrged 100 pesos which really is not bad considering that my next visit again was free of charge. thanks to the doctors and
    their staff. what they are doing is i can say ” a service to makind” and not after the money. no wonder a lot of
    patients kept coming back. referring this clinic to ptients who has skin problems. Thanks for the most kind and humane treament you provide for those who need your service.

    1. Around two to three weeks. Tapos balik ulit if meron pa natira, free na daw yun treatment. Sorry, I wasn’t able to get the contact number, parang wala ata. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi..ask ko lang po..san yung exact location kasi meron din derma clinic malapit mercury infront ng imus market. Eto na po ba yun? I really want to go to this clinic for check up.Hope you can help me. Thanks

  9. Hello sa lahat! Ask ko lang sna sa mga nakavisit na ng clinic if they offer mole removal? Salamat sa sasagot! God bless po!

  10. Hi guys! If you are looking for the best derma in Cavite, this is the clinic you are looking for! Very effective ung meds nila and the best ung mga staffs. Tho maliit ung clinic and mahaba ung pila. Paid off naman when it comes to services nila. Good job Cavite Skin Clinic!

  11. im from bucandala and i want my warts on my face to be removed.i dont have enough budget but im willing to have ur service.i will visit u nx month.if i may ask how much wud it cost me?thanks..

  12. hi! ok lng po ba mag pa inject ako glutha…even if im a rhd patient…pero wala namn po akong naramramdamn na may sakit ako sa puso, and that was detected 6yrs ago… baka po siguro stress lang un dahil workkoholic ako before…pls i need ur immedite response…
    thank you and God bless!

  13. I have warts on my face, neck, and some parts of my body I want these remove. How much will it cost? My husband have d same in d dame parts of the body.

    1. Depends on the amount of warts. Normally, they will assess it and give you the price before the treatment. Come early kasi lagi madaming tao sa clinic na yan. πŸ™‚

  14. thanks for sharing this. Tagal ko nang hinahanap ang address nila in Cavite. Im a regular costumer of this clinic in pampanga and they told that they have outlet in cavite. Since I’m in manila now, its nearer for me to buy meds in this clinic than pampanga. πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

      1. Hello. Tanong ko lang kung may branch sila sa Rosario sa bandang Tejero? medyo malayo kase kame sa IMUS branch nila.
        Hope to hear from u soon .

  15. matagal na akong hindi nagpatanggal ng warts ko. kaya medyo madami na ulit at problema talaga kasi madalas makati.above sixty years old na ako at daibetic.pero controlled pa naman ang aking blood sugar.please tell me what to do kung paano ko sisimulan ang warts removal na sa naman ay pwede pa.kasi its amazing sa lahat ng skin clinic paggagamot talaga ang intensiyon.ipagdarasal ko na sana ay humaba pa ang buhay nilang magasawa.lagi silang pagpapalain ng Panginoon dahil ang mga katulad nila ay bihira na matagpuan sa panahon ngayon.

  16. Hi everyone πŸ™‚ Ask ko lang pag magpapafacial lang ba ko need ko pa din bang magpalista? or yung pagpapalista is for the consultation lang? thanks sa sasagot πŸ™‚

  17. I sent my Asawa there because of your article to get warts removed. She got there at 8:20 and left at 2:20. She said that it was painful and caused her to cry because they don’t use anesthesia. They also said that they would scar. I’m not happy about this. I hope that it does’t.

    1. Hi Jay! Sorry to hear about that. They used topical anaesthesia on mine and my wart wounds didn’t scar at all. But they did go back (because it’s a viral thing) and I need to have them removed again soon.

  18. Hi. I’m planning to visit this clinic po sana. Ganon pa din po pa clinic schedule nila nagyon? Thanks.

  19. Hi sis. How is your face now after the warts removal? Are all warts gone? Did it leave any scars? Can you post I’m curious of the results . Thanks

    1. Please check out my latest blog posts to see pictures of my face. Bumabalik din ang warts kasi viral sya. Actually, nakailang warts removal na rin ako kasi pag may nawawala, may tumutubo din ulit na bago although mabagal naman silang lumaki. πŸ™‚

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