I Don’t Own a Car…

…I just ride in one. As front seat passenger. On a regular basis. And the car belongs to the fiance. He bought it last February and since then, our trips in and out of the city have significantly improved. You can say we’re enjoying having a car at our disposal. Now we can go wherever we want, at any time of the day. Owning a car, according to the fiance, has not only made our life easier but allowed us to appreciate life better. I can’t agree more.

But owning a car can have its downsides, too. Your number one enemy would be fuel prices. Here in Manila, oil price hike is a common thing. Traffic is next. We all know how bad traffic in this country can be. Third would be paying for your car. The down payment alone costs an arm and a leg. The succeeding payment, in the form of monthly amortizations, can be burdensome at times. Unless, of course, you signed up for a car loans title to make things a lot easier for you.

And don’t even get me started with car maintenance. I can imagine the high cost. That’s why you really have to think a gazillion times before deciding to buy your own car. Check your finances as well if you really can afford it. As for me, I’ll buy a car only when I’m financially prepared to pay for it and physically and mentally prepared to take up driving lessons. 🙂

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