Tax Refund

My brother is the luckiest! He’ll be receiving a tax refund worth P____ very soon for the taxes he paid last year. I remember just last week he was borrowing money from me. He needed some bucks to buy new clothes for his forthcoming oath taking as licensed teacher. I didn’t have spare money then so I wasn’t able to help him. With the tax refund money he’s getting, he’s problem is solved.

Speaking of taxes, I just realized I have yet to pay property taxes for our Naic home. Gosh, my forgetfulness is getting worse each day. I better schedule a day off this month to pay our tax dues. But before that, I have to look for some documents first. I haven’t done any cleaning recently; I wonder where I have kept those files I collected after purchasing our house. If I had document management solutions at my disposal, this won’t be a problem. But I don’t have any, so yeah, I have to do the search manually. Poor me.

‘Till the next post!

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