Weekend Story: TAP Cavite Chapter Christmas Party + Quick Trip to our Naic Home

Last weekend was quite busy. The hubby and I were helping our new neighbors to move stuff. On Saturday, the hubby and I, along with my father, drove to our Naic home to pick up some furnishings to be brought to Bacoor. We also did some cleaning at the new house in preparation for the big move. We were quite exhausted but you know, family comes first. I think we only got to unwind when we attended the Christmas party of the hubby’s car club (Cavite Chapter only, this time) held at Musikapihan in Imus. I liked the place, the food, and of course, the company. I met this happy couple (the guy is a new member of the car club) and we chatted a bit about life in general. They were nice and I would love to see them again in the car club’s next events.

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Tax Refund

My brother is the luckiest! He’ll be receiving a tax refund worth P____ very soon for the taxes he paid last year. I remember just last week he was borrowing money from me. He needed some bucks to buy new clothes for his forthcoming oath taking as licensed teacher. I didn’t have spare money then so I wasn’t able to help him. With the tax refund money he’s getting, he’s problem is solved.

Speaking of taxes, I just realized I have yet to pay property taxes for our Naic home. Gosh, my forgetfulness is getting worse each day. I better schedule a day off this month to pay our tax dues. But before that, I have to look for some documents first. I haven’t done any cleaning recently; I wonder where I have kept those files I collected after purchasing our house. If I had document management solutions at my disposal, this won’t be a problem. But I don’t have any, so yeah, I have to do the search manually. Poor me.

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