Landmark Shopping with my Girls

I dream of the time when I could be seen shopping with my daughters. Not one, but two. But since I don’t have any daughters yet, shopping with the girls in my life will do for now. These girls are my mom and my two sisters. They went with me last Saturday to Landmark Makati to shop, shop, and shop.

mom and sis no. 1 at Landmark’s foodcourt

I just love shopping with my girls. With them, I can peruse through racks and racks of clothes without worry. With them, I can try on clothes for as long as I want. With them, I can shop, then stop and eat and go back to shopping again. These things I cannot do freely with my girl friends because we always have limited time when we’re out shopping together.

sis no. 2

Landmark Makati last Saturday was jampacked with people. It was a holiday, actually, so the crowd was bigger. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed shopping because of the vast merchandise available. I like places like Landmark because there’s so much choices (both cheap and expensive) and I really get full value for my hard-earned money.

After almost six hours of scouring Landmark Makati for clothes, shoes, and accessories, we finally got tired and went home. We were very happy and satisfied with our purchases. We might go shopping at Divisoria next but only if all our schedules would meet. I really hope so! 🙂

2 Replies to “Landmark Shopping with my Girls”

    1. Landmark is the best! Every December dyan kami shop. Hehe. Items are really cheap but quality pa rin naman. Value for money talaga! 🙂

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