Baking with Edel: Calzones

I’m no professional baker but I’m not afraid to bake. I actually bake whatever I like at home. Lemme share with you a secret. I don’t even have an electric oven yet. I just use a turbo broiler/convection oven! Yes, that cooking device mothers normally use when roasting a whole chicken.

I bake whenever I feel like it. Because weekends are my free days, that’s the time I do a lot of my baking. I get those super easy recipes online and I just do them. I’m glad that I am able to get the taste, texture and appearance of my baked goodies right most of the time.

There are times though that I fail in some aspects. Sometimes I feel that the taste is lacking on something. Sometimes I find the texture too hard or isn’t chewy enough. Sometimes I see a problem in the appearance or presentation. I feel that it’s not pretty enough that I find it difficult to take a good photo of it. Such is the case with the two big calzones I baked two Saturdays ago.


You see, it’s my first attempt at calzones. I just used a basic dough recipe, cooked the filling for the calzone and incorporated it in the dough I made. The result was a warm, flaky and chewy calzone that’s literally bursting with flavors from the Hungarian sausage, caramelized onions and melted cheese. My parents loved it, my husband ate it with gusto and I was happy and satisfied in every bite of my share.

It may not be good in pictures, but at least it made up for that with its awesome taste and texture. Haha. Not bad for a first-time, methinks. 🙂

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    1. Superf! You are very much welcome to visit us at home and I’ll let you try that. Next year na ha, busy ako. Haha. 🙂

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