Good Finds from Saizen-The District, Imus

After 10 years, we were able to visit The District again last, last Sunday afternoon. We actually attended the birthday celeb of a friend’s son held at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, one of the restaurants at that mall. After a long, sumptuous lunch using our bare hands to eat, I asked the hubby to check out Saizen with me before we went home and he agreed.

I only had one item in mind and that was a belt. I bought two basic belts (made from faux leather) at Saizen before and loved how sturdy they were. I lost one of them and decided to get a replacement. When I saw the lovely belts on offer at Saizen, I had to buy not just one but four! It was one of those moments when my EQ was at its lowest. I didn’t hesitate to grab four belts and even added more items in my basket. Haha.

Aren’t these belts must-haves?



And for just P88 each, who could resist them? I know I couldn’t!

I’m a sucker for cute stuff so this pen holder in pure white had to be taken home as well.

this is super white in real life!

And so was this trash bin that has a Cath Kidston-ish look on it. Isn’t it perfect to place right next to my dresser inside our bedroom?


Not pictured were two seatbelt pads (for the car), a set of wash balls (to put in the tub of the washing machine along with the clothes), a nylon mesh bra holder (for laundry purposes), and a big bottle of hand soap in cherry blossom scent.

I really heart Saizen! 🙂

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  1. Hi! Just want to ask if Saizen in The District is as good as the one in Galleria? We live here in Tanza and we’ll be throwing a party for my baby soon and I’m just wondering if they have party supplies there as well. Hope you can respond, thanks! 🙂

    1. Hi Karine! I think I saw some party supplies there. But I have to warn you konti lang stocks nila at hindi ganun kakumpleto. I suggest sa Galleria ka pa rin tumingin, pinakamalaki ata na Saizen branch yun. 🙂

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