Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads

Unlike mothers, fathers are kinda hard to buy presents for. This is especially true when you’re a girl and you want the best Christmas gift for your dad. When I married the hubby, I got another dad (his father) to think of when buying presents for every occasion there is.

Luckily for me, both my dad and the hubby’s dad are easy to please. My dad has always wanted the same thing for Christmas — clothes. So I just go with him to the mall and let him choose what kinds of clothes he wants for himself. As with my FIL, he is very fond of tools. You know, those screw drivers, pliers and stuff. He likes to collect them. So I might just browse through shopping sites like reid’s site that sells these stuff and hope I could find something there to give him on Christmas Day.

Easy, right? When shopping for presents for the great men in your life this Christmas, just find out what they really like or want to have and you’ll good to go. 🙂

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