Grouponing Again

I got hooked on groupon sites sometime in 2011. Back then, I would use my spare money buying vouchers from different merchants without hesitation. The distribution was like this: 80% food/restaurants, 10% household items and 10% beauty and pampering services. It was always a great feeling knowing I had saved a lot from all these purchases.

But then, not all merchants treated me well. While some merchants were good and delivered on their promise, there were those that didn’t live up to my expectations or were just pain in the a$% with their poor service. And I believe I share this same sentiment with other loyal groupon customers. It eventually came to a point when I lost interest in patronizing these groupon sites. I finally stopped grouponing in early 2012.

Lately, I think I’m getting into grouponing again. It started when I did some online shopping earlier this year. I just suddenly decided to browse through my fave groupon site without any intention of buying anything. But after seeing a deal from a restaurant (set menu for 10 pax), I thought of buying it immediately for my mom’s birthday and two other occasions we celebrated on the first Sunday of August this year –> Family Lauriat Lunch at Gloria Maris-Gateway Mall.

That particular deal purchase was followed by another, and another. The rest is history. I’m buying vouchers again. But this time, I try to be more cautious and limit my spending to food/restaurant deals only. I’ve learned my lesson and I think I’m a smarter and more experienced groupon customer now.

Do you still buy vouchers from groupon sites? 🙂

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