Family Movie Date

Last night was relaxing and fun as I joined the hubby and his family to a movie date. We watched Four Sisters and a Wedding, the latest Star Cinema film. At around 7pm, we headed to SM Manila and bought last full show tickets. Then we had dinner at Chow King, picked up some items at Watsons and grabbed some popcorn and bottled water before heading to the cinema to watch the movie.

Four Sisters and a Wedding was very entertaining and hilarious. It had the right mix of comedy, drama and some real life lessons on family, success, love and forgiveness. Among the cast, I liked Tony Gonzaga (Teddy) and Bea Alonzo (Bobby)’s acting the most. The former for giving comedic relief to the movie along with his pretend boyfriend Janus del Prado (Frodo) and the latter for her brilliant dramatic portrayal during those crucial family confrontation scenes.

Overall, Four Sisters and a Wedding is a must-see movie and we’re glad we caught it in the cinema before the showing schedule ended.

Now, I hope this becomes a weekly thing for us. My parents-in-law are still working (they plan to pursue retirement soon) and we only get to do things like this once or twice a month. 🙂

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