Different Meanings of a Sigh

I have been sighing a lot the past days and with that frequency, the sighs meant different things. After my work at the restaurant the other night, my body felt really tired and so I let out a sigh of exhaustion. When I had finished a report I was working on in the office for days, I sighed in relief. When I got very interested in a restaurant deal being sold over at Deal Grocer (one of the more popular groupon sites in Manila) and found out it was sold-out already after checking out the site, I felt the need to let out a sigh of sorrow. Not really sorrow but sadness in its shallow form.

This one tops it all off. When my brother D confessed to me that he’s not happy with his job anymore and wanted to quit, I sighed in disbelief (and with a bit of disappointment) because he was being reckless with his decisions again. He said he’d just concentrate on the board exams (he’s taking the LET). I tried to give him my sisterly advice but he seemed too determined to push thru his plan. But I guess he realized I had a point so he said a moment after he’d just wait for his contract to finish. That’s roughly three weeks from now.

Sighs are a good way to release our emotions. By letting out a sigh, we can improve or worsen our feelings. Letting out a sigh also allows us to clear our head from negative thoughts as well as think more rationally and positively. Have you noticed that as we grow old, the number of sighs we make increases? It must be because adults have much more on their hands than children have. Since we can never turn back time and be children again, I guess we should just be consoled in the fact that along with the sighs that we let out are a bagful of experiences that have made us feel a thousand emotions and made us become stronger and more passionate about life than ever before.

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  1. Oh my! Brother D is not happy with his work anymore? I hope he’ll think it over. It’s very hard to find a job nowadays. Competition is really tight, believe me.

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