How to Use an iPhone 5

No, this is not a step-by-step guide on using Apple’s latest phone but rather, just a quick story about my officemate who happens to the owner of a new iPhone 5. He asked me to help him familiarize himself with his new phone. Since I use an iPhone 4 and the hubby uses an iPhone 5 (which I get to borrow once in a while), I thought I was qualified for the task and said yes immediately. Actually, it was the hubby who had configured his phone so he could start using it.

So, for our first lesson, we started with texting. When he got used to the multi-touch user interface of his phone in sending messages to his family and friends, we went on to transferring music files from YouTube to his phone. I had him download this cool app from the AppStore that lets you do just that and more. He liked it. He said he’d download more music files and a couple of movies, too, for listening and viewing at home.

My officemate is only a few years short of being a senior citizen and somehow I’m amazed by his willingness to learn new technology every chance he gets. Just this morning, he told me he was skype-ing with his US-based siblings last weekend and they were surprised by how fast he learned to use his phone. What a bright student he was! Proud teacher, here. Haha. 🙂

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