A New Dish I Love

One taste and I got hooked. That’s how I could describe this fish dish that I first tried last week. My boss brought some in the office for her lunch which she eventually shared with us. According to Kuya Richard, her driver, it was her maid who cooked it.

I liked the boneless bangus steak very much I started to wonder how she was able to make the fish so tender and tasty and the sauce even tastier. I’ve tasted boneless bangus steak before but her version was 100x more delicious. I got so curious I asked Kuya Richard if he could inquire with the maid the complete recipe, if possible. Haha. I wanted to replicate it at home and impress the hubby.

The maid was kind enough to share the secret recipe of the dish to me. No, it’s not as complicated as an autopilot salt cell or something (pardon my lack of a better comparison, totally not related to cooking I know). But I’m very sure it’s the reason why the sauce was super yummy! I was so happy. I would have cooked it last weekend but my laziness (and the hot weather) took the better of me. I wasn’t able to go to the nearest grocery store and just made do with whatever was in our pantry for our weekend meals. But I promise I’ll cook it one of these days. 

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