Finances, Finances

I dunno why but I always get broke a few weeks before the bonus-giving time at work. Is it because subconsciously I could smell the money coming my way and I know a little overspending before its arrival won’t hurt? I know it’s not a good practice, financially speaking, but I just can’t help it.

This is especially true when I’m in front of the PC looking at things that could easily land on my lap with just a few mouse clicks. From bags and clothes, I’m now into fine jewelry and I’m seriously thinking about those men’s wedding rings at at this very moment. No, I don’t plan to replace the hubby’s wedding ring with a new one. He’s a very simple guy and I just thought the simplicity and character of one of the wedding rings I saw from the site was very him. I can’t buy it because it costs an arm and a leg, anyway. Haha.

Aside from online shopping, I get to overspend when dining out. But the hubby and I love to try new restaurants and we appreciate good food so it’s justifiable. Okay, I’ll just make sure we stick to our budget every time.

Hay, finances, finances, why are you so hard to manage?

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