Weight Loss Update: 6 lbs. Lighter

So, from 136 lbs. (heaviest recorded weight last month), I’m now down to 130 lbs. Losing six pounds in one month is no joke. I worked hard for it and I’m glad my efforts paid off. I ate healthier food, moved a lot and did zumba twice a week. I think I’m getting there. My ideal weight of 120 lbs., that is.

Last Friday, I attended a knowledge sharing exercise at work. It was organized by our HR department. They invited Slimmers World people to engage us in a 2-hour health and fitness seminar. The speaker (a health buff guy with strong, big muscles all over his body) taught us a lot about how our body works to get fit: anatomy of the muscles, metabolism, immune system, energy, proper exercise and all. He also shared some exercises that we can easily do in the office, which I think are really easy to perform. All we need to have is discipline to make sure we do it on a regular basis to get fab results. Haha.

that’s Robert Baranda of Slimmers World – Makati Branch talking to us

Aside from the fitness talk, there were also free body fat analysis and one-on-one consultation with their nutrition experts. From the body fat analysis, I found out I was on the healthy side but just like what I had expected, I still need to lose some more pounds to get to my ideal weight. Okay, fine.

Slimmers World was generous enough to give all the participants a P1,500 worth of GC. We were also given complimentary tickets to their show at MOA Arena on April 25, Miss Bikini Philippines 2013. Cool. I already asked the hubby to go with me because we haven’t been to that events venue yet. This is our chance. And there’d be no expense on his part so he doesn’t have a reason to refuse. Haha.

the freebies we got

Anyway, so my weight loss efforts continue today and in the coming days. I hope my next weight loss post will be full of good news, too. 

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    1. Thanks Ella! I will miss hugging his chubby body but Edwin really needs to lose weight for health reasons. He’s a candidate for diabetes and hypertension. Tapos medyo mataas pa cholesterol levels nya. You should see his college photos, mas bata sya tingnan pag mas payat pa. Baka naninibago lang kayo. 🙂

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