Sunday Story: St. Pio, Johnny Rockets and Candy Crush Saga

The hubby and I woke up earlier than usual today. We headed to Manila to visit the St. Pio de Pietrelcina Centre in Libis, QC. We met up with my SIL there and attended the 10am mass. The priest talked about being and staying good for homily. He was adept at sharing the word of God and I was glad I found the time to listen to him.

After the mass, we checked out the nearby Eastwood Mall. Lunch was at Johnny Rockets where we ate overpriced hamburgers. (Review on my food blog soon.) Haha. To burn calories from the strawberry milkshake and all the hand-cut fries I ate, I suggested we go for a walk. We got inside the mall again and perused through shops. One novelty shop was selling personalized magnetic name tags and my SIL almost bought a piece but remembered just in time that a friend who has recently come home from a work stint abroad had one for her as pasalubong.

We got home a little past two in the afternoon. The summer heat was terrible. I wanted to sleep but chose to be awake because I didn’t want to wake up with a sweaty back, if you know what I mean. I just played Candy Crush Saga (CCS) and fortunately, got past Level 245 just when I was about to give up on it. Talk about great, unexpected luck. So yeah, my CCS journey continues!

It’s still Sunday so I guess I better enjoy the rest of it. And you, how’s your Sunday going? 🙂

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