16 Replies to “The Day My Instagram Account Got Disabled”

    1. Sinabi mo pa, sis. I tried that, too, pero sabi kasi nila hindi daw na-hack kundi na-disable ang account ko. Okay lang, kung ayaw nila ibalik, eh di wag. 🙂

  1. Awwww…. it’s ok, new Instagram account means new memories to be made! And optimistic ko lang no?:p

    I actually don’t look at Instagram anymore because it has the effect of fostering envy and discontent in me. It doesn’t happen right away, but I realized that I was always wishing for newer clothes, a nicer house, more vacations etc. etc. So instead of constantly comparing my life with others, I weaned myself from Instagram na lang. I can’t say that I stopped lusting over things though, but I’m more content now and I read more books too. Maybe in time I’ll open Instagram again, but for now, I’m happy getting reacquainted with books.

    1. Salamat, Jill! Buti na lang, di ako nauubusan ng memories. Hahaha. Social media sites sure have envy- and discontent-inducing factor. And I guess it’s normal for us humans to feel those emotions especially when provoked, right? Basta healthy levels lang dapat para di makasama sa atin. Oh, I try to read as much as I can, too. Kakatapos ko lang magbasa ng She Makes More, nabasa ko kasi dati sa blog mo kaya na-inspire ako basahin. Now, I’m reading The Science of Getting Rich and some novel. 🙂

    2. I feel your pain but it was more of my Facebook account than Instagram naman (baka depende sa finofollow hehehe).

      Naku Edel, panu na daw yung mga pictures? Deleted na daw ba yun? Sana may sumagot kung sakaling may na violate ka sa mga T&Cs nila.

  2. This is terrible. Did they say why it was disabled in the first place? The least they could do is explain why they disabled it.

    A friend said you can try logging in on another phone. If you’re able to login, it mean that they’ve disabled IG only on that phone/IP address. Hope that helps!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

  3. Akala ko pa naman you blocked me on IG. Hehe. I’m planning to have our photos printed and put them in a photo album. Yung old school. Natatakot kasi ako baka masira yung computer ko and mawala mga files or baka madisable ang facebook account ko, or mawala ang cellphone.

    1. Haha, di ko gagawin yon sayo! Alam mo naisip ko rin yang magpaprint ng photos, kasi pag digital pwedeng mawala sa isang iglap lang, diba? 🙂

  4. This made me sad too. Alam ko may memories ako dun sa Instagram account mo. The first time we met. :'( tapos ngayon wala na ha #saklap okay medyo exag hahaha

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