Weekend Story: More Biking + Work on Chinese New Year

The hubby is going crazy over his mountain bike (MTB). He cleans his bike daily. He wants to bike every day. He thinks about his bike and what to improve on it all the time. Minsan hindi na normal at magastos pa, pero pinapabayaan ko na lang kasi nakikita ko naman na nag-eenjoy sya. At ako rin! Ang motto ko kasi, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Haha.

As early as Friday night, we were already in Bacoor because the hubby didn’t have classes the next day.

Our Saturday was laidback and spent entirely at home. We did what we always do when we’re at home: eat, sleep, watch TV, clean up, and do other chores. I was also in the mood then to prepare a balanced meal and this was my idea of such for brunch that day:

no rice
no rice for her, with rice for him (because he cannot live without it!)

We went biking on Sunday morning. We biked from home, then to a friend’s house to give the hubby’s gift to his godchild (it was along the way of our destination). We reached Daang Hari not long after (around 10 minutes). Then we visited the church inside Fernbrook Gardens to pray. We bumped into the priest there pa! He offered to bless our bikes to our delight. You know, we try to hear mass at his church as much as we can because he preaches well. He’s sensible and funny at the same time. I’m 100% sure a lot of church-goers like him because he’s young, witty, and super nice. But it’s sad I don’t remember his name; I just recognize his face. Basta, thank you talaga, Father!


Beside the parking lot at Fernbrook Gardens is an open area that serves as a haven for bikers. There, we saw several stalls selling biking apparel, accessories, and other interesting knick knacks. While you can’t find some grant door hardware there for your room, it can certainly give your bike an upgrade should you so desire. There were also tables and chairs provided in one corner for resting and eating. I mentioned “eating” because I saw two women there serving lugaw (rice porridge) and an assortment of drinks. The hubby and I stayed there for a while before transferring to the nearby Evia Lifestyle Center to have breakfast at McDonalds.

mcdo bfast

It was an hour and a couple of minutes of biking that left us rejuvenated and happy. We drove back to Manila that afternoon because my long weekend was cut short due to work on Chinese New Year itself! Our office organized an event the night of February 8th and if there was some consolation for me, that was meeting Jin Perez of Jin Loves to Eat blog in person! She was such a darling!

jin perez

The hubby and I were also able to have a dinner date on the eve of Chinese New Year at Mr. Choi’s Kitchen, Rob Manila. Their Dimsum Combination Platter was so sulit at just Php320! Eto pa lang, solved na ang Chinese food cravings ko!


My boss was also kind enough to let me take a leave from work the next day (Tuesday) so bawi lang din, hehe. I spent the morning with the hubby (he was also on leave that day) and my parents in Bacoor. We finished some errands and after that, had a double date at the mall. Parang in-advance na namin ang Valentine’s Day kasi plano ko rumaket sa La Cocina on Valentine season. And I know Mame will be busy, too, with her V-Day gig where she helps a friend who owns a flower shop sell flower arrangements and other V-Day stuff.

with my parents


The hubby and I were able to spend some couple time at home before we went back to Manila in the afternoon.

because reading makes me happy

When nighttime came, we even had the energy to meet up with my brother at SM Manila to accompany him in buying a laptop bag. Crazy sched, I know! But everything was good and we are always grateful for the gifts of time, family, work, and leisure.

Have a great week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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    1. Oo sis, masarap yan, ako pa ba? Haha, yabang noh? Hindi naman nawawala yan basta marunong ka na dati magbike. Bike na tayo, sis! 🙂

    1. I like their beef with broccoli, birthday noodles, and baked rice. I’d say they’re a decent Chinese resto with fast service and reasonable prices. Yes, the dimsum platter was delish! 🙂

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