Weekend Story: Carmona-GMA Road Trip and X-Men: Apocalypse in 3D

Last weekend was busy and fun. The hubby and I went on an impromptu road trip to buy some bike parts in Carmona and visit a friend in GMA (both places are in Cavite). We also watched the latest X-Men film in 3D at SM Manila. The rest of our time saw us doing household chores and taking some rest at home in Bacoor.

On Saturday, I intentionally skipped biking to sleep longer and continue reading this book on good manners for those “nice people” who sometimes say f*ck. Basically, it teaches how to behave well in public and deal with rude behavior in everyday life. I’ve been enjoying the read so far and I hope to finish it soon.

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Weekend Story: More Biking + Work on Chinese New Year

The hubby is going crazy over his mountain bike (MTB). He cleans his bike daily. He wants to bike every day. He thinks about his bike and what to improve on it all the time. Minsan hindi na normal at magastos pa, pero pinapabayaan ko na lang kasi nakikita ko naman na nag-eenjoy sya. At ako rin! Ang motto ko kasi, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Haha.

As early as Friday night, we were already in Bacoor because the hubby didn’t have classes the next day.

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Weekend Story: Simple Treats

Last weekend was all about simple treats. I made up for the down time last weekend (when I got sick with cold and cough) and treated myself to some little cravings. These were food and things. I was happy and content and now I’m blogging about it.

The hubby and I drove to Bacoor on Saturday afternoon, a few hours after his classes in grad school. We dropped by S&R Aseana-Baclaran to have some snacks. Choosing what to get for me was a no-brainer. I had been craving for their ice cream in my fave flavor and so I got a cup of it. I also indulged in a muffin. Solved!

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Book Review: An A-Z Guide for a Green Chef by Annie Pascual-Guerrero

I got this book from my boss. As soon as she finished reading it, she immediately thought of giving it away to us. No one in the office wanted it, so I took it. I’d like to think our boss was just being generous (she always is). But I also couldn’t shake the thought that maybe, she just wanted more people to know about the wealth of knowledge found in the book. Whatever her reason was, I’m glad she shared this book with me.


Annie Pascual-Guerrero is the founder of Center for Culinary Arts, the pioneer culinary school in the Philippines. Aside from being a culinary expert, she is also an environmentalist. Her book titled “An A-Z Guide for a Green Chef” teaches chefs and non-chefs alike on how to go green in the kitchen. I liked how she sounded in the book because you could really feel her staunch advocacy on the preservation of the environment which, according to her, starts in the kitchen (at home or in commercial/industrial ones).

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