Weekend Story: More Biking + Work on Chinese New Year

The hubby is going crazy over his mountain bike (MTB). He cleans his bike daily. He wants to bike every day. He thinks about his bike and what to improve on it all the time. Minsan hindi na normal at magastos pa, pero pinapabayaan ko na lang kasi nakikita ko naman na nag-eenjoy sya. At ako rin! Ang motto ko kasi, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Haha.

As early as Friday night, we were already in Bacoor because the hubby didn’t have classes the next day.

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Weekend Story: Work and Workout

So, last weekend was quite busy for the hubby and me. There was not much rest because he had classes on Saturday afternoon while I had work on Sunday. Despite the tight sched, we were still able to go to Bacoor on Saturday night only to drive back to Manila the next day. We also went biking on Friday and Sunday nights which turned out to be a great bonding and workout activity for us.

Here are some snapshots from our weekend:

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