Weekend Story: More Biking + Work on Chinese New Year

The hubby is going crazy over his mountain bike (MTB). He cleans his bike daily. He wants to bike every day. He thinks about his bike and what to improve on it all the time. Minsan hindi na normal at magastos pa, pero pinapabayaan ko na lang kasi nakikita ko naman na nag-eenjoy sya. At ako rin! Ang motto ko kasi, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” Haha.

As early as Friday night, we were already in Bacoor because the hubby didn’t have classes the next day.

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Weekend Story: Fast-Faced but Fun

Because I got sick two weekends ago, all I wanted for last weekend was to be back to normal. By normal, I meant the hubby and I doing things together, getting some rest, and just living a simple life at home in Bacoor. Last weekend turned out to be just that. It was fast-faced, alright, but it was fun. I really couldn’t ask for more.

On Saturday, the hubby attended his classes in the afternoon while I had a date with Mame at SM Manila. I was supposed to have a “me” time but I decided to be with her at the last minute. First, she accompanied me to Lay Bare for underarm wax treatment. Speaking of wax treatments, I still can’t muster enough courage to get a Brazilian wax even if I’ve been itching to have one in ages. Mataas naman ang tolerance ko sa pain pero ewan ko ba, hindi ko pa magawa! Hahaha. Soon, I guess.

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Done with the GM Diet!

My GM Diet Day-by-Day Account: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7

My 7-day diet challenge a.k.a. my diet experience with the popular GM Diet finally came to an end yesterday. When I hit the bathroom scale this morning with an empty stomach, I registered a weight of 132 lbs. This means that I was able to lose another pound from my weight yesterday of 133 lbs. I’m so happy to announce I have lost a total of 7 lbs. in seven days!


Aside from smaller tummy, my family and friends noticed my face became firmer and smaller, too. That, or they just love me. The hubby, on the other hand, noticed that my arms got smaller and my curves are starting to show again. Haha. Now, that’s a great compliment to hear from the love of my life! Personally, I feel a lot better now, inside and out. And unlike them, I don’t just see the changes the 7-lb. lost did to my body, I can also feel them.

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Healthy Eating

I know this is TMI but my bowel movement is quite unpredictable these days. My stomach would suddenly ache (the good kind) which would prompt me to go to the restroom but once I’m sitting on the throne, it’d stop and my goal wouldn’t be achieved (haha). I attribute this to the lack of fiber in my diet.

The past few days I’ve been eating meat and dairy products non-stop. I bought breakfast cereals two weeks ago to reintroduce fiber in my diet but I always forget to eat it up because I’m always in a hurry for work. Good thing there’s always a vegetable viand in my lunch meal, though I think it’s not enough. I guess I’ll have to start eating healthy again.

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