Weekend Story: When Sickness Strikes

Last weekend was like an early test of my faith. I suddenly got sick the day after I published my personal theme for 2016. I may be wrong, but I think I had a mild case of stomach flu because I had diarrhea and fever with muscle pain. The fever and muscle pain went away as soon as I took my first Tempra Forte tablet. The diarrhea, however, continued until Sunday night. I didn’t drink any medicine for it and just had a BRAT diet, replacing the apple sauce with real apples, haha. I also drank a few bottles of Gatorade.

I can’t thank the hubby enough for taking care of me. We drove in Bacoor on Friday night and I was already not feeling well. It could be something I ate that morning. Ang takaw-takaw ko kasi!

Because I was sick, we stayed home only. I slept and ate as much as I could to recover fast. Some morbid thoughts also entered my head. What if my diarrhea develops into something worse and I die? What will happen to my family? Will the hubby marry a new girl agad-agad? Hahaha. I guess it’s natural when people get sick. Or maybe, it’s just me.

I’m just so glad I’m okay now. I guess I really should take this health + wealth personal theme to heart. 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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23 Replies to “Weekend Story: When Sickness Strikes”

    1. Thank you, Kayni. Now, I feel ashamed. There are people who have worse health problem than what I had last weekend…

    1. Diba?! Hahaha. But then, there are people who are suffering from far worse than what I experienced last weekend, so dapat kumalma na ako. Same here, pain here and there and everywhere. Okay lang yan, hehe. 🙂

  1. Nag kadiarrhea din ako nung 1st week of Jan. 2016. Super saklap at naging negatron din mga thoughts ko. Haha. Naglaklak din ako ng 3 gatorade para di ako madehydrate but para makasigurado nagpacheck-up pa rin ako sa gastroenterology doctor para malaman if ano talaga sakit ko. Hehe. It’s good to know na okay ka na now. Hehe.

  2. Hi Edel, happy new year! sorry for the late greetings. I was sick din habang winewelcome ang 2016 and up to now may konti pa akong ubo. it’s good to know that you are feeling better now. God bless. uyyy just want to share my theme for this year is Success 🙂

    1. Thank you, Giday! Good to know okay na tayo pareho, hehe. Mahirap magkasakit, new year na new year pa naman. Success is a great theme. Push mo yan! 🙂

  3. I had stomach flu last Sunday too! Missed work nung Monday kasi Tuesday was my friend’s wedding. Eh abay ako at si Skye. Kaya talagang nagpahinga ako. Uso ata talaga ang stomach flu sis. Hindi din ata fatal kasi buhay pa tayo. Hahahhaa! Adik ka! Natawa ako eh..

  4. “What if my diarrhea develops into something worse and I die? What will happen to my family? Will the hubby marry a new girl agad-agad?”
    Tawang-tawa ako dito! Sowwweeeee.

    Hope you’re feeling better na.

    When my daughter dear had stomach flu back in April, sinabihan kami ng doctor na huwag Gatorade. Kasi daw, while mahusay na may electrolytes, it contains sugar, which can worsen the illness. But still, taking Gatorade is better than taking no liquid at all. Especially if liquid is going out both ways…

    1. Hahahahaha. About Gatorade, buti sinabi mo yan, better to stick to water pala. Yes, back to normal na. Thank you, TPS! 🙂

  5. Agad agad? Relax lang! Haha.. But I do think about that too. Sabi ko kay Hubby mumultuhin ko sya pag nag-asawa sya agad! Haha Nat was sick too last weekend and her dad too the day after.. Looks like a virus is going around! Keep safe!

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