2016 Personal Theme: Health + Wealth

Instead of a resolution or a goal post, I thought of writing a personal theme post. For this year, I want to focus on health and wealth. I couldn’t pick a single theme so I opted for a double. Is that good or bad? Haha, actually, I don’t want to know. All I know is that, compared to last year, I have a clearer vision for this year of the things I want to accomplish and most of them revolve around health and wealth. So health and wealth it is!

Eat healthy, get fit, and lose weight. I got a bit disappointed with myself last year for not having enough discipline to reach my target weight. I tried zumba, jogging, and even yoga, but no visible and satisfying results were achieved. 2016 gives me another opportunity to get more serious and do better, so wish me luck, friends!

Earn, save, and invest more. I did quite well last year so it’s likely I’ll do better this year. But then, there’s gonna be a big challenge this year at work that could have an adverse effect on my finances. I’m trying to be optimistic on this one by praying for a good outcome instead of a bad one.

Shop less. My shopping fast in 2014 was a success. Last year, I shopped more than my usual limit so this new year, I’m gonna be more conscious about my spending on clothes and accessories. I’ll specifically do my best to lessen my impulsive shopping. It’s bad for my wallet and my financial goals (remind self 1000x). So yeah, no more looking at those SALE signs, no more browsing through the offerings of online shops, no more impromptu mall trips, and no more yamaha trumpet shopping online. Okay, the last one was exaggerated as I don’t have a musical bone in my body, but you get my point.

Early to bed, early to rise. Last year, I started taking notes of a lot of things concerning myself (I’m weird like that!) including the time when illnesses have struck me. If my notes are right (I’m 96% sure), I got sick four times in 2015. Not so bad, I must say.

the dates I got sick and what kind and, errr, my vaccinations

Believe me when I tell you that listening to what my body says did me a lot of good last year. When I’d feel tired from work, for instance, I’d sleep early so my body could recover. Or when I’d feel I was on the verge of catching a cold or flu, I’d “overdose” on Vitamin C and get lots of rest. This 2016, I wanna go to bed early na palagi. No more puyat episodes. The early to rise part, I think I’m gonna have a hard time following this, but I’ll still do my best. Promise.

While doing all these things, I’ll make sure to influence the hubby by using some strategies. Two people working on the same goals are better than one. Plus, you know, I need motivation from someone who truly cares about my health and wealth and that’s none other than my man. 🙂

Any personal theme this new year? What are the things you so want this 2016?

May you choose happiness always,

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18 Replies to “2016 Personal Theme: Health + Wealth”

  1. You have great goals this year, and I wish you all the best. I hope you’ll succeed. I’m still working on my goals for 2016, but mostly on health.

  2. Huhu I will try to shop less this year, planning to replace my 10-year old Macbook hoping it wont conk out before the new one comes. Great idea din ung ‘sickness’ diary! Gagayahin kita ha hehehe 🙂 Here’s to a healthy and wealthy 2016! 🙂

  3. Wishing you good health and increasing wealth this year! As for finding the right fitness program, I say try and try until you find the one that will really work out for you (pun intended). For me, it’s running and yoga. I like the calm that both give me, apart from sore muscles. Lol.

    Maybe you’d like to try a sport like badminton or boxing?

    1. Haha, right, until I find the one that will work out for me. I’ve tried badminton before and it was okay, daming pawis. Boxing sounds exciting! Thank you so much for the tips, Dani! 🙂

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