Weekend Story: New Year 2016

Last New Year weekend was a blast. Both families (Mabalays and Techos) welcomed 2016 at our home in Bacoor. Our house may be tiny but it sure rose up to the challenge of accommodating all 11 of us. I’m happy to report that we were able to move around and sleep comfortably despite the limited space. Haha.

Prior to Media Noche, I hosted a dinner for my godchildren and other friends on the 30th. (Two years ago, I hosted a tea party naman and my godchildren loved it.)

Our Media Noche feast was simple and Mame and my MIL made sure it followed several Filipino superstitious beliefs. 13 round fruits, check. Sticky dish, check. Other round edible stuff, check. No chicken dish, check. People wearing clothes in red or polka dots, check. (Well, except for my father and my brother Danison who insisted they didn’t get the memo on what color to wear!). Haha.

Of course, we took tons of photos! Here are some of them:





On January 1st, the hubby and I, along with his family drove back to Manila as my MIL and I worked at La Cocina for our pasakaan. I dunno how to explain it but lemme try. I think it’s a Visayan belief wherein one’s first income for the year is stored away and kept untouched to attract good luck. I‘ve been following this for years now and it seems effective. I normally spend my pasakaan before the year ends, para raw mapalitan ng bago.

The hubby and I went back to Bacoor on the same day and spent the rest of the weekend there.

On Saturday, we attended the hubby’s godchild’s birthday party in the morning where the kids went swimming and the adults looked after them.


When we got to the birthday celebrant’s house to eat, I got giddy instantly upon seeing their lemon tree! It’s American variety so it’s bigger than the usual lemons sold in the supermarket. Waaaaaah, I wish I could have the same tree at home!


That night, we heard the anticipated mass at St. Jerome Parish in Alabang. We strolled around Alabang Town Center (ATC) for a couple of minutes and I ended up buying two pairs of shoes at Rubi Shoes. Two of my office shoes have retired recently so I thought of replacing them while I still had money to spare.

From ATC, we drove to Evia to have dinner at Chibi’s Kitchen. Their Japanese combo meals are still the most affordable and best-tasting I’ve found in the metro!


Our Sunday was spent at home. We, errr, he washed a lot of clothes and pillow covers and bed sheets. But I made sure he was well-fed while doing the chore. We ate leftover food (from our Media Noche feast) and had a great time just watching TV and talking with each other.

I can’t believe it’s 2016 already! I hope this brand new year gives us many good reasons to live our life to the fullest. A joyous and prosperous new year to all! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,
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  1. Parang bet ko yung pasakaan ba yan? Never heard of that kwentuhan mo nga ako kung paano yan sis? Saan itatabi yung money? saka yung buong sweldo ba? hahahah! Kasi baka maging effective din sakin =) Happy new year!

      1. Haha, basta yung first pera/income na mare-receive mo raw for the new year, keep it somewhere safe na hindi mo sya magagastos. Ako I keep it inside my wallet pero nasa isang maliit na sobre na nakasealed kaya hindi ko basta-basta magagalaw talaga, hehe. 🙂

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