Weekend Story: Restful and Grateful

Last weekend was restful and so we felt grateful, hence, the title of this post. Haha. More time with family means having to do things with them such as going to the wet market, doing the grocery, going to church to attend mass, and just bonding with them. Spending most of our weekend at home these past months has proven to be beneficial to the hubby and me, psychologically and financially speaking. To more weekends like this!

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Weekend Story: More Rest and Family Time

Last weekend was ordinary but fun. The hubby and I spent it resting and bonding with our extended families at home. I think we only went out to go to church and the supermarket and to dine out because my sister Nyam wanted to treat us to dinner and coffee (who are we to decline, right?). I love weekends like this that don’t require a lot of thinking and planning. Busy weekends are okay with me, too, as long as I’m doing things with the people I love.

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Weekend Story: My PILs are Back from Bohol

Last weekend was pure fun. My PILs have finally come back to Bacoor from Bohol after almost seven months. The whole family (including my extended family) missed them a lot! The hubby and I spent our weekend just spending time with them. On Sunday, they went to the St. Pio Shrine in Tanauan City, Batangas to say some prayers and give thanks to the Lord.

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