Weekend Story: New Year (2022) Celebration

Last New Year weekend was as bright and loud as it could be for us. It was our first time to celebrate it outside our residence. Where else, but at our condo! Team Techo and Team Mabalay went there for Media Noche and the condo’s balcony served as our stage where we watched the cityscape get illuminated by fireworks. Baby NJ was in for a spectacular show but because she was already in dreamland when the clock struck 12, our poor, half-awake toddler (we sort of woke her up!) only enjoyed it for a few seconds.

Here are some photos from our New Year family celebration:

charcuterie boards by yours truly (a little over budget but they were lovely, methinks!) 😛

with my side of the family

with my in-laws

wacky with Team Mabalay

change outfit with Team Techo

New Year morning with my loves

New Year = new swimming gears for our bibiya (NJ’s term of endearment for herself which we eventually picked up) 😉

Welcome, 2022! Please be good to us. Thank you, 2021, for despite the challenges here and there, you’ve been kind and generous to our family.

our official New Year family pic 😛

A happy and prosperous 2022 to all!!!

May you choose happiness always,

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