Weekend Story: New Year (2022) Celebration

Last New Year weekend was as bright and loud as it could be for us. It was our first time to celebrate it outside our residence. Where else, but at our condo! Team Techo and Team Mabalay went there for Media Noche and the condo’s balcony served as our stage where we watched the cityscape get illuminated by fireworks. Baby NJ was in for a spectacular show but because she was already in dreamland when the clock struck 12, our poor, half-awake toddler (we sort of woke her up!) only enjoyed it for a few seconds.

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Weekend Story: St. Pio Shrine in Sto. Tomas, Batangas + More Pasyal

Last weekend took the hubby and I (and my sister Jodie) from Manila to Bacoor and Batangas and back to Manila. Traveling is always fun, especially if there’s no traffic along the way to your destination. SLEX traffic was light to zero last Saturday so our trip to Sto. Tomas, Batangas where the St. Pio Shrine is located was a breeze. We found out that there’s now a second open-air chapel there that’s quite bigger than the old one. It must be the admin’s positive response to the growing number of visitors in the place. In Manila on Sunday, we attended the birthday party of the hubby’s guy cousin’s daughter at Jollibee-C3 in Caloocan City. He’s the one whose wedding we attended in this weekend story. Oh, how time flies! Now, their baby is one year old. Which reminds me, the hubby and I should try harder at getting pregnant, hahaha.

Here are some pics from our fun weekend:

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Village Christmas Party

Last night was fun. We attended our first Christmas party together as a married couple. It was the Christmas party of the subdivision we live in. It started at 7:00 p.m. and ended a few hours after. The hubby is one of the officers of the new homeowners association so we got VIP seats.

There was a program, a raffle draw, some parlor games, some dance and song numbers (to entertain the crowd) and a lot more. Food was catered (there was lechon!) and some officers even brought homemade dishes for everyone to share. The hubby was requested to bring some alcoholic drinks and thanks to our S&R membership, we were able to buy some cheap but quality wines. The party ended with people dancing to the tunes of 90’s music. We headed home after the “exchange gift” part because the hubby was already sleepy and I was starting to feel tipsy from the red wine I drank.

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Our Neighborhood

So far, we have no regrets living in a small townhouse in Bacoor, Cavite. In our four months of stay there, I’ve come to believe that living in a gated community really has its perks. For one, there are enough open spaces to walk on or take some rest at. There is also a limited number of people moving around, people who are already familiar faces to us because they are our neighbors.

I only get to appreciate our small neighborhood during weekends. On weekdays, we leave the house early for work and arrive there late when we come back from Manila. What’s nice about the location of our house is that we’re near the plaza which is complete with playground equipment and almost always filled with cheerful kids. There may be no outdoor water fountains to make the place more alive and pleasant-looking, but the laughter and chatter of the playing kids are enough to give us a sense of joy and yes, community.

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