New S&R Members

An S&R membership here in Manila is valued at P700 for a year. Renewal is priced the same. The hubby and I have finally signed up. What we have are a primary ID and a supplementary one which we just got for P100 instead of P400 upon showing my BDO credit card. Yes, they had a promo that time.

our membership IDs

Excited to use our S&R IDs, we immediately entered the warehouse and bought some stuff that we could afford. Looking at the patrons inside, one could easily tell which class they belong to. I saw a lot of rich people carrying big carts filled to the brim and for a few minutes, I tried acting like one of them but failed. Haha. Just kidding. Seriously, rich or poor, so long as you have P700 to spare for a membership ID, you can enter S&R. And if you just wanna try their American-sized snacks, just avail of the free day pass.

first buys from S&R

I am so loving the mayo I bought. It tastes good and well, light. I plan to eat the canned chili con carne on a weekend and find out how it would fare to the one made from scratch (a.k.a. my homemade chili con carne). So far, we are satisfied with our S&R deal. We personally love the snacks at S&R and with that alone, we know our membership is so worth it.

Care to share your S&R shopping experience with me? 🙂

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