Village Christmas Party

Last night was fun. We attended our first Christmas party together as a married couple. It was the Christmas party of the subdivision we live in. It started at 7:00 p.m. and ended a few hours after. The hubby is one of the officers of the new homeowners association so we got VIP seats.

There was a program, a raffle draw, some parlor games, some dance and song numbers (to entertain the crowd) and a lot more. Food was catered (there was lechon!) and some officers even brought homemade dishes for everyone to share. The hubby was requested to bring some alcoholic drinks and thanks to our S&R membership, we were able to buy some cheap but quality wines. The party ended with people dancing to the tunes of 90’s music. We headed home after the “exchange gift” part because the hubby was already sleepy and I was starting to feel tipsy from the red wine I drank.

This is just one of the many parties that we planned to attend this Christmas. I can’t wait to unwind and socialize again. Need to take advantage of my good mood. 🙂

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