Weekend Story: Eat. Sleep. Play. Repeat.

Last weekend was easy and fun. The hubby and I drove to Bacoor as early as Friday night and went back to Manila early morning today to face yet another work week.

Our Saturday was spent at home eating, sleeping, playing, and repeating the cycle to our heart’s delight. We reserved Sunday for going out when we went to church to hear the morning mass and drove straight to S&R Alabang and ATC after to eat and do some needed retail therapy.

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New S&R Members

An S&R membership here in Manila is valued at P700 for a year. Renewal is priced the same. The hubby and I have finally signed up. What we have are a primary ID and a supplementary one which we just got for P100 instead of P400 upon showing my BDO credit card. Yes, they had a promo that time.

our membership IDs

Excited to use our S&R IDs, we immediately entered the warehouse and bought some stuff that we could afford. Looking at the patrons inside, one could easily tell which class they belong to. I saw a lot of rich people carrying big carts filled to the brim and for a few minutes, I tried acting like one of them but failed. Haha. Just kidding. Seriously, rich or poor, so long as you have P700 to spare for a membership ID, you can enter S&R. And if you just wanna try their American-sized snacks, just avail of the free day pass.

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