Weekend Story: New Year (2022) Celebration

Last New Year weekend was as bright and loud as it could be for us. It was our first time to celebrate it outside our residence. Where else, but at our condo! Team Techo and Team Mabalay went there for Media Noche and the condo’s balcony served as our stage where we watched the cityscape get illuminated by fireworks. Baby NJ was in for a spectacular show but because she was already in dreamland when the clock struck 12, our poor, half-awake toddler (we sort of woke her up!) only enjoyed it for a few seconds.

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Pyromusical Event at Mall of Asia

We are supposed to see the 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition at Mall of Asia (MOA) tonight but it seems I won’t be able to join anymore. I was told we have guests in the restaurant tonight and my services are needed. Money first before anything else. Haha.

Last year, I was able to watch the first pyromusical competition and the show was fascinating. I remember rooting for the UK team because their fireworks display were awesome to the highest level. As in. I loved their exhibition a lot I wished I had one of those steiner binoculars to be able to have a closer view of the dancing bright lights in the sky. MOA was jampacked with people then and we had quite a hard time going home because of the heavy traffic. I’m sure this year the situation hasn’t changed. But I can say it was very well worth our trip. It was my first time to see firework displays as spectacular as those.

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