Done with the GM Diet!

My GM Diet Day-by-Day Account: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7

My 7-day diet challenge a.k.a. my diet experience with the popular GM Diet finally came to an end yesterday. When I hit the bathroom scale this morning with an empty stomach, I registered a weight of 132 lbs. This means that I was able to lose another pound from my weight yesterday of 133 lbs. I’m so happy to announce I have lost a total of 7 lbs. in seven days!


Aside from smaller tummy, my family and friends noticed my face became firmer and smaller, too. That, or they just love me. The hubby, on the other hand, noticed that my arms got smaller and my curves are starting to show again. Haha. Now, that’s a great compliment to hear from the love of my life! Personally, I feel a lot better now, inside and out. And unlike them, I don’t just see the changes the 7-lb. lost did to my body, I can also feel them.

Now, when will I do the diet again? Hmmm, tough question. Actually, trying any diet plan is hard. If your motivation if to just lose weight, forget about dieting. A diet should also give you other benefits like the detoxification of your body or the introduction of healthy food into your system. I think the GM Diet has both and that’s why I’m glad I started and finished the 7-day diet plan. Back to the question, I think I’ll try it again after six months. Haha. For now, I’ll just go back to my old routine, that is, to watch my calorie intake and limit my consumption of rice, red meat, caffeine and processed food. I can do this!

For those of you who would like to try doing the GM Diet, I suggest you research about it online so you get to read tips and recommendations from diet experts on how to make your seven days manageable. This means, you won’t get weak or worse, sick, while on the diet. It is also important that you don’t cheat when eating the required food. No deviations, if possible.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a few things about the GM Diet and share with you my daily observations while on it. The GM Diet is doable. I did it and you can, too. It’s all just a matter of discipline and following the rules. To help you become more motivated, just think of the 7 lbs. I lost (and even more by other people!). Remember, the GM Diet claims to help you lose 10 to 17 lbs. in just seven days!

As I’ve said in the past, my intention in following the GM Diet is to jumpstart my weight loss efforts. I wanted to lose weight faster than usual so when I found out about this diet, I decided to try it. 🙂

Below are my daily observations while on the diet and some tips:

Day 1

1. I felt more thirsty than usual.
2. My muscles ached a bit.
3. I felt a little lightheaded.

It’s all true or maybe I was just feeling psychosomatic. I read about the side effects online and suddenly I thought I started feeling them. I suggest you eat fruits as much as you can to keep you from feeling weak and lightheaded. Doing light exercises also helps. As for me, I complemented Day 1 with breathing and stretching exercises and I did some walking in the ‘hood with the hubby. He’s supportive like that and that’s why I love him!

Day 2

1. I felt lighter the whole day as compared to Day 1.
2. I wasn’t feeling that thirsty but still drank the required 10 glasses of water. Even more.
3. I didn’t feel any hunger pangs.

I had a hard time finishing my bowl of baked baby potatoes seasoned with a little olive oil, salt and rosemary. I think my mouth felt really bored while eating it. I felt better today. And I realized that to combat the feeling of weakness, I must drink lots and lots of water.

Day 3

1. I felt light the whole day.
2. I didn’t have any food cravings.
3. I had healthy bowel movement.
4. My tummy shrank considerably. Cool.

This day went so smoothly. The fruits and vegetables combo was very manageable for me.

Day 4

1. Again, I had healthy bowel movement. It was effortless, haha.
2. Stronger and better feeling.

I loved this day. I enjoyed eating bananas and drinking milk. Another easy day for me.

Day 5

1. The beef gave me strength to go about my day.
2. No weakness and headache recorded.

This day turned out to be very fine.

Day 6

1. Again, I survived the day because of the beef I ate.
2. When I got a little hungry but not so hungry, I turned to the wonder soup for support.
3. I thought I was constipated. That, or the food I ate took a long time to digest.

This day was okay. I was actually more excited to diet the next morning because it was gonna be my last day!

Day 7

1. Eating brown rice with a dash of salt was boring. Even with the veggies, I still couldn’t finish my bowl.
2. I was energetic and this must be due to the fact that I was gonna finish the diet today.

My final day on the GM Diet was filled with realizations about my eating habits and my health in general. From this day on, I promised myself that I’d try harder to eat healthily for my body’s sake. Losing weight will just be a bonus.

There you go! I hope you learned something about the GM Diet from me today. If ever you decide to try the diet, please lemme know about your results. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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