Book Review: The Politics of Stupid by Susan Powter

I got this book from BookSale for a very cheap price of P20 during one of my trips there. Susan Powter is an Australian motivational speaker, nutritionist, personal trainer and best-selling author. In “The Politics of Stupid,” she talks about weight loss and how to do it right.

Susan Powter herself on the cover of her own book!

In the book, Powter unabashedly claimed that “dieting doesn’t work.” I think I’ll have to agree with her on that but only if we’re talking about the long term effects. You see, my GM Diet worked because I lost a total of 7 lbs. when I finished the 7-day diet plan. Which made me believe that dieting helps especially if you just want to “jumpstart” your weight loss. But I digress.

What I liked best about Powter’s book was how she sounded in it. I could really feel that Powter was talking to me with the way she composed her sentences. It was like I was chatting with a personal fitness trainer and a motivational speaker at the same time. All this while learning the obvious-but-unknown-to-many techniques to burning the fats in your body!

Eat. Drink. Breathe. Move. Think. These are the five, powerful words which I think sum up everything written in the book. Powter just elaborated on them to further instill in the readers’ minds her claims and knowledge on health, fitness and the human body in general.

All in all, I learned a lot from this book. For one, I found out that a low-fat diet is way more effective than a protein-rich diet given the metabolic nature of our body. I also learned how eating healthy, drinking enough, breathing well, moving a lot and thinking hard can help me lose unwanted pounds effortlessly and prevent them from coming back. I have yet to apply them fully in my weight loss efforts but I’ll get there soon.

I guess my only complaint about this book is that isn’t online anymore, which is kinda uncool because Powter kept mentioning it in the book. Haha.

If, like me, you wanna be more enlightened about weight loss and the proper way to do it, I suggest you give this book a try. 🙂

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