Life Updates

I’ve been neglecting this blog. I’ve been preoccupied with work and lazy with anything that is not work-related. But today, I felt like I needed to share some life updates that I could look back on in the future. So, here are some things that happened to me and my little family since my last blog post:

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Weekend Story: Bohol 2017 (San Isidro Town Fiesta + Henann Resort)

Last weekend was spent in Bohol for a short vacation. My PILs flew to Bohol ahead of us so when we arrived there, their house in San Isidro (my MIL’s hometown) was spick and span already and we just needed to lie down and rest. We stayed in Bohol for 6D5N and our time was very sulit. We touched base with our relatives and friends there, we joined the festivities (the town fiesta was last May 15th), we checked out the malls in Tagbilaran and Tubigon (where I tried different ice cream flavors from the Buzz Cafe of Bohol Bee Farm), we went to my MIL’s farm, we procrastinated, we laughed, and we ate a loooooot (read: fiesta). We also booked an overnight stay at Henann Resort in Panglao Island which is arguably the biggest and the newest resort in Bohol right now (loved the massive swimming pools with bars and the festive vibe there!).

It was a super fun trip and we never wanted it to end. But as they say, good things don’t last so we’re now back in the Manila to work and save up money so we could fly to Bohol again next year. As for my PILs, they get a month-long paid vacation every year from their employer which they ALWAYS spend in Bohol. Lucky them!

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Our Day Tour at Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa

Part of our short Bohol vacation last March 14 to 19, 2015 was a side trip to the beach. The hubby and I had a day tour at Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa (PINRS). We initially wanted to stay overnight but our crazy schedule didn’t allow it. It was perfectly okay because after having a small chat with the lifeguard by the pool side, we found out we couldn’t afford an overnight accommodation there, anyway. Rooms start at P10,000 per night including dinner and breakfast. Ouch.


The day tour rate of PINRS is P550 per head, the P400 of it being consumable. Laking tipid, diba? It’s like we just paid P150 for the entrance and use of amenities, which I have to say, were very satisfactory. Let our pictures show you my point:

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Weekend Story: Death in the Family

It was one of those days that I dreaded to come. Receiving a sad news on a supposedly happy weekend was terrible. The hubby’s grandmother is gone. She died in her sleep. She was 73. In a way, she was still lucky because her death was a quick one. If I could have it my way, I wanna die under the same circumstance.

Rest in peace, Lola Betty!

The hubby’s family is mourning right now. Lola Betty’s remains lie in state at their family home in Bohol. My in-laws are flying there tomorrow. We are following them on Saturday as the hubby still needs to attend to some school requirements.

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Weekend = Preparations

The past weekend was quite busy. The hubby and I spent it preparing his things for his short Bohol vacation with my PILs and my SIL. They actually left for Tagbilaran just this morning. As much as I wanted to join them, I can’t. I’m swamped with work and my boss specifically requested for me and my officemates not to go on leave lest we lose our job. Just kidding. But yes, we can’t go on leave until we’re finished with our three upcoming big events.

So, last Saturday, the hubby and I were at SM Bacoor so he could get some new toiletries. He even got some pet shampoos for his grandma’s dogs. Had I known it earlier, I would have bought some douxo shampoo online as they’re currently on sale. Anyway, he also bought a new pair of slippers and some new shirts.

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