Weekend = Preparations

The past weekend was quite busy. The hubby and I spent it preparing his things for his short Bohol vacation with my PILs and my SIL. They actually left for Tagbilaran just this morning. As much as I wanted to join them, I can’t. I’m swamped with work and my boss specifically requested for me and my officemates not to go on leave lest we lose our job. Just kidding. But yes, we can’t go on leave until we’re finished with our three upcoming big events.

So, last Saturday, the hubby and I were at SM Bacoor so he could get some new toiletries. He even got some pet shampoos for his grandma’s dogs. Had I known it earlier, I would have bought some douxo shampoo online as they’re currently on sale. Anyway, he also bought a new pair of slippers and some new shirts.

We went back to Manila on Sunday night. I arranged his clothes inside his duffel bag while he put all his gadgets (have I already told you I have a techie husband?) inside his back pack. The hubby will be gone for a week and right now, I already miss him. This is the longest time we’ve been separated by distance ever since we got married. Oh well, I think I’m gonna be fine. 🙂

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