Weekend Story: A Musical, A Shopping Trip, and A Birthday Party

Last weekend was packed and fun-filled. Truly, the holiday season is here!

Half of our Saturday was spent in Makati watching the awesome musical The Bridges of Madison County at RCBC Plaza, enjoying dinner at Backyard Kitchen + Brew in Circuit Makati (our first time there), and checking out the dancing lights at the festive Ayala Triangle Gardens. The hubby and I were with my sister Jodie and my SIL Albie and we had lots of fun.

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Weekend = Preparations

The past weekend was quite busy. The hubby and I spent it preparing his things for his short Bohol vacation with my PILs and my SIL. They actually left for Tagbilaran just this morning. As much as I wanted to join them, I can’t. I’m swamped with work and my boss specifically requested for me and my officemates not to go on leave lest we lose our job. Just kidding. But yes, we can’t go on leave until we’re finished with our three upcoming big events.

So, last Saturday, the hubby and I were at SM Bacoor so he could get some new toiletries. He even got some pet shampoos for his grandma’s dogs. Had I known it earlier, I would have bought some douxo shampoo online as they’re currently on sale. Anyway, he also bought a new pair of slippers and some new shirts.

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Weekend Adventure

Last weekend, the hubby and I, along with my brother, traveled to Porac, Pampanga to check-out The Sandbox. It’s an outdoor adventure park, the first of many attractions in Alviera, a township development in Porac, Pampanga by no less than the Ayala Land group. It was a sort of “preview” of the place and its offerings before it officially opens to the public this coming April 12th.


Of course, we had so much fun! I, for instance, got to try two rides there: the Giant Swing and the UTV. I truly enjoyed both. Overall, it was a great outdoor experience that let us have fun and adventure while still communing with nature. The place is definitely far from where we live but going there just to try it wasn’t a bad idea at all.

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Busy Weekend Ahead

Despite the fact that the coming weekend is gonna be super busy for me, I still feel like saying TGIF! I just love Friday, no questions asked. Traffic may be bad/worse/worst (depends on the location, actually) during this day but you know, it’s a sad reality that people in Manila have come to accept and live with through the years.

Aaargh, we have work in the office tomorrow! I wish my boss changes her mind about it. Originally, I had plans for tomorrow to go to our Cavite house but since we were asked to report for work, I had to fix my sched right there and then. Sunday is equally hectic because we have a wedding-related appointment to attend to and I have work at the restaurant come dinnertime.

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