Short Hair for Summer

I had my hair cut last Saturday. I found it quite a challenge to wear my hair long in this kind of heat so I chose a short hair style for myself. It was a good decision. Now I feel better than ever. Haha.

summer ‘do

Volume kung volume, diba? I plan to get a rebond or a straightening treatment (as my past rebond treatments didn’t have a lasting impact on my hair) soon so pardon the waves for now. Actually, a friend said bagay naman the waves. Let’s see if my mind will change because of that compliment.

OMG, I wanna go to the beach already! But I guess that desire will have to wait because I’m swamped with work and will remain so in the coming weeks. No need to be sad though, because I feel more blessed than ever. More on that in my coming posts. 🙂

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