Short Hair for Summer

I had my hair cut last Saturday. I found it quite a challenge to wear my hair long in this kind of heat so I chose a short hair style for myself. It was a good decision. Now I feel better than ever. Haha.

summer ‘do

Volume kung volume, diba? I plan to get a rebond or a straightening treatment (as my past rebond treatments didn’t have a lasting impact on my hair) soon so pardon the waves for now. Actually, a friend said bagay naman the waves. Let’s see if my mind will change because of that compliment.

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That Perfect Summer Getaway

I used to document my summer getaways (I called it “summer adventures” then) through posts in my old blog. They used to be plenty and memorable and fun. As I’ve aged, they became fewer and fewer and I didn’t know why. It must be because I’ve become busier than ever. It must be due to the fact that I’m now not as adventurous as before.

But still, I continue to want to have my dose of summer getaways. I guess summer has that effect on people. It makes us feel vibrant and adventurous and young. It makes us push for fun activities that would enable us to see new places and meet new people. It makes us long for the outdoors and for us Pinoys, the three top things associated with the season: sun, sand and sea.

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Summer Plans

With the number of events we are organizing in the office from March to June, it seems that all my summer plans will either be cancelled or postponed to a later date. OMG, we are soooo busy these days!

But it’s okay. More work in the office means more opportunities to learn. More work in the office means stability. More work in the office means I am blessed with a job that pays.

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Thursday Hotness

The heat outside is unbearable. It makes me want to take a bath every five minutes. If I had the money and the time, I’ll go on a beach trip pronto. I have only been to some of the country’s beautiful beaches and I know there’s still a lot, lot more waiting to be explored.

This intense heat is making me look forward to the coming weekend. The hubby and I plan to go to this resort in Cavite for a day tour and if we’ll like it there, we’ll bring the entire family for an outing, too.

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