Short Hair for Summer

I had my hair cut last Saturday. I found it quite a challenge to wear my hair long in this kind of heat so I chose a short hair style for myself. It was a good decision. Now I feel better than ever. Haha.

summer ‘do

Volume kung volume, diba? I plan to get a rebond or a straightening treatment (as my past rebond treatments didn’t have a lasting impact on my hair) soon so pardon the waves for now. Actually, a friend said bagay naman the waves. Let’s see if my mind will change because of that compliment.

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2014 Hair Trends for Women

For 2014, they say short hair is “in” for women. While I prefer my hair to be long (and always tied up in a ponytail), I also wear short hair from time to time. I remember two summers ago, I was sporting a pixie cut and loved it. It was sort of liberating for me because it’s the kind of hairdo that you can call “wash and wear.”

short hair peg
Photo from

If I’m gonna cut my hair short, that hairdo of Paris Hilton on the photo above is my peg. But right now, I’m still undecided. I’ll surely miss my long albeit damaged hair. I’ll probably just trim it. Or I might just get some pretty hairpiece online that will match my oval-shaped face. Haha. 🙂

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I Want a Short Hair Cut

Summer (and Easter, too) is fast-approaching and I have this plan of welcoming it with a new ‘do. I also feel that a short hair will suit me well as I hit the beach and enjoy other summer activities. Plus, I really want to experiment on new looks using the short hair cut. You know how it makes girls look chic, elegant and sexy. I want to see that for myself. Haha.

Photo taken from here

The shortest hair cut I’ve ever sported was one that fell two inches below my ears. That was eons ago. I’ve been thinking of getting a short hair cut anytime soon. Specifically, I like a short pixie cut. I love how pixie cuts have fringes (sometimes spikes) and layered sides. It looks smart yet playful. I’m bored with my long, layered hair. I really am. I want to look ten years younger again and a short pixie hair cut could just do the trick. Pardon me for wishing to look like a teenager again. I’m a child-at-heart, you know. I still eat those  Easter candy and chocolates when no one’s looking. Haha. But I digress.

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