I Want a Short Hair Cut

Summer (and Easter, too) is fast-approaching and I have this plan of welcoming it with a new ‘do. I also feel that a short hair will suit me well as I hit the beach and enjoy other summer activities. Plus, I really want to experiment on new looks using the short hair cut. You know how it makes girls look chic, elegant and sexy. I want to see that for myself. Haha.

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The shortest hair cut I’ve ever sported was one that fell two inches below my ears. That was eons ago. I’ve been thinking of getting a short hair cut anytime soon. Specifically, I like a short pixie cut. I love how pixie cuts have fringes (sometimes spikes) and layered sides. It looks smart yet playful. I’m bored with my long, layered hair. I really am. I want to look ten years younger again and a short pixie hair cut could just do the trick. Pardon me for wishing to look like a teenager again. I’m a child-at-heart, you know. I still eat those  Easter candy and chocolates when no one’s looking. Haha. But I digress.

Any suggestions which salons in the metro have good hair stylists?

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  1. I also want a short hair cut, especially now that summer is on its way. The problem is, a short hair cut doesn’t match the shape of my face. I’ll stick to the safe side.

    1. good thing i have oval face that matches every hair cut there is. or so i’d like to believe. haha. yeah, better be on the safe side when you’re not too sure. but then sometimes, taking risks can be exciting. haha. 🙂

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